• the latest release (december 2019) has lots of problems
    I raise them and they agree
    they give me workarounds and still I find problems
    I’ve decided after paying for the theme to call it a day, and move to a different theme and use a free recipe plugin (which is awesome, allow editting and updating)
    the payment sytem tried to set up a recurring payment for the theme/support.
    so buyer beware and make sure you cancel the recurring payment.
    I’ve had better free themes.
    problems :
    star ratings still show even though disabled
    google analytics code doesn’t work had to install a plugin
    printing the recipe also prints everything on the page including images – looks a mess.
    the recipe card cannot be editted/modified after creating.
    the front page seems to display whole recipes and had to disable parts of it to make it look ok.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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