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    A client of mine was already using this, when I took them on. It’s an awful slider! It’s clumsy and not mobile-responsive.

    I tried adding the text I wanted to display on the slider image inside a <div> HTML tag, so that I could get around the lack of mobile responsiveness. But it ignored the <div> completely. It seems that only limited HTML can be used.

    If I could give it a zero stars, I would have.

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    Hi @linseyja,

    Thanks for the tough review. I appreciate your honesty. Are you sure you are using MetaSlider though? We don’t have an option to edit the HTML unless you are adding custom filters. If you’re talking about the caption, MetaSlider respects HTML in the caption field.

    As for being responsive. The MetaSlider is definitely 100% responsive.

    If you have a link to your site I wouldn’t mind taking a look and letting you know what’s going on.


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    Yes I AM using MetaSlider! It’s the HTML in the caption field that I’m talking about. (OK, so I used the wrong label for the field name.) The caption field does NOT respect ALL HTML. If I put stuff in a DIV tag it totally ignores it. And if I use the STYLE tag it seems to ignore that too.

    Any text that I use in the caption field, when displayed on a narrower screen (such as a mobile phone) the text does not wrap around to the next line, it just runs off the edge of the screen THAT is not mobile responsive. Ergo, your plugin is NOT 100% responsive!

    The site it is being used on is a client’s site. So I cannot give you a link to the site for client confidentiality reasons. (The site was built by someone else, not me. I would not have used your plugin!)

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    Hi @linseyja,

    Thanks again for the feedback. I’ll make a note on our development tracker to investigate the captions again, but often times it’s a conflict with the theme that is overriding the styles.

    The caption field will respect a div, but I’m not sure about a <style> tag. I believe WP might even be stripping that out. You could put the styles in a stylesheet though, or use the wp_add_inline_styles filter to properly add the inline styles. I’ll make a note also to test adding <style> tags (I believe it will be valid to put them in the body in HTML6)

    Anyway, sorry you’re having a bad experience with MetaSlider. If you would like to send me the website link in private you can email our support and I can take a closer look at the site myself. It might just be a simple style rule that’s needed to fix the issue you’re having.

    Have a great weekend!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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