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  • Woo commerce provides very bad support. They treat you as if they make you a favor providing a late answer or no answer at all, as WC is a “free plugin”. Therefore, you should be humble and feel grateful for whatever they are willing to give as “support”.

    For a plugin that claims to be among the most used shopping carts in the world, one can expect more.

    True, Woo commerce core is a free plugin; but there is a huge community of paid plugins around it. Whoever is collecting the money of the WC plugins must be aware how harmful it can be to have the core plugin providing such a bad customer support.

    Customers and developers do expect a lot more from the plugin support. I have posted twice for an issue, which I guessed would be very simple to resolve, without an answer. I had to go to GITHUB where I got my answer in less than 24 hours.

    Finally, if Automattic is behind this plugin, they should care more and provide outstanding support, rather than doing it so poorly.


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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    I replied on Github. I’m amazed you posted this after getting help and solving your problem…

    Don´t be amazed; be receptive to constructive criticism.

    As a professional developer and IT consultant, I always offer the best software and services to my customers.

    I am new to Woo commerce, but old to WP and other CMS.

    Woo commerce is considered and advertised as an excellent plugin. Moreover, it sure might be so.

    Nevertheless, a great plugin must be backed up with great support.

    When my customer made the mistake of hiding the visualization of the categories and later on forgot it, he got nervous. I told him “Woo commerce is considered among the best, an it´s the most used shopping cart plugin in the World, so I am pretty sure they will come up with a quick and effective solution.

    No matter it´s is a great software, a car, a mobile phone, etc. in order to be great and remain great, it also has to provide an outstanding support.

    This is all about my comment.


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    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    Sure, but 1 star? Ok.

    @mikejolley the customers and my expectations on Woo commerce where very high, so one star might be more than enough to reflect our impression.

    As I said, Woo commerce as provider of software and services is no free, as the plugins they sell cost money. Yes, the core plugin doesn´t cost money, but the add-ons do.

    If WC betters up its support, for sure it will sell more paid plugins. This is how most of the people understand the open source business model.

    A great software has to come up side by side with outstanding support. A good product with a bad service, or a good service with a bad product simply should not make it on the long run.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    You’re using a community ran forum… you’re not using the paid support channels. So yes, when you say:

    They treat you as if they make you a favor providing a late answer or no answer at all, as WC is a “free plugin”.

    It is a favour by the community in a sense. If you’re not using a paid channel you are not a customer. You’re just an end user. Adjust expectations accordingly.

    Don´t be amazed; be receptive to constructive criticism.

    Sorry but “bad support” is not constructive feedback so we’ll just have to disagree there 🙂

    You are confirming precisely the situation that motivates the complaint; your business philosophy is like “as WC core is free, you should be grateful for whatever support we give, no matter if it´s bad, late or inexistent at all”.

    Now we understand the poor rates (1 or 2 stars) at around 8% of the total.

    Rather than promoting WC as a five star plugin asking for five stars, you should handle a disclaimer: “plugin is good but support is poor” and provide a link to paid support.

    That will be honest, and better for business in the end.

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    …which is the case for all plugins on Would you support all of your client for free? See how long your business lasted then :p I state again, this forum is a community forum.

    If you want customer support, there is a customer helpdesk This is explained in the readme, forum header, github readme. There is even a link in WP admin.

    There are free plugins, even without paid versions, that provide good support in the community forums. Almost all the plugin developers have a business in the IT industry, and they care about keeping high rates.

    You people can handle the business the way you like, but don´t expect five stars with a poor support, no matter it is provided in a community forum.

    With all the buzz and expectations around WordPress and Woo commerce, and with Automattic in your back, you could always capitalize this flow of potentially loyal customers, and pay someone to provide outstanding support in the community forum, properly taking care of a long-term business vision.

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