• ahmedfouadlolo


    They are not serious people and will let you loss real money like what happened to our company, first of all the push notification is not working at all, even when you pay for it, since we had purchase the full version but not functioning at all, second; the support is very poor and they always answering you for only the first or second time when you have issues with their plugin and it is too many, then they are not answering at all, after serious trouble and after you start publish your mobile app, plus the IOS link for your app is not working all the time with Apple store, and when you are contacting the support team they are not really supporting you, but only saying that your support ticket is not valid and they are going to give you another number and so on !!! and we stuck in such procedure for the last 5 months unfortunate,
    really I never recommend them and a lot of people who is use it are losing money, especially for the new projects and if your business is good then I really never recommend you to use it becuase you are going to loss your reputation

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