• I uninstalled the plugin, but I found that it messed up the database with its tables. So, I manually removed the tables from the database. Now, when I tried to reinstall it, I encountered a series of errors. It basically crashed the site, and to fix it, I had to remove the plugin manually. Definitely one to stay away from.

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  • Plugin Author Ben Sibley


    In our Settings menu, there is an option to delete all data and deactivate the plugin, and this will remove everything. It sounds like the database tables were manually deleted, but there were still settings from our plugin left in the wp_options table. Normally, this would only cause an error in the Analytics menu and not affect other pages on the site, but I am sorry that it caused such a large error on your website.

    In a future update, we will be moving all of our plugin settings into a DB table like our other ones, so that if the tables are deleted manually or removed via a database cleaning plugin, the settings will be deleted too and an error won’t occur. We will also add a check to see if the tables are missing, and reset the settings if they are to avoid causing an error.

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