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  • Well saying I am annoyed with wordpress is an under statement as I had 293 words of my article with links and images and everything saved in a draft and just like that a message came up as to something about the wordpress PHP script and then everything was gone just like that.

    So wordpress is to me is a very cheap script system which is too unstable for my liking.I may just be changing over to another platform for my blogging as the WordPress platform is just to unsafe.

    Kenneth C Young

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  • What did the message say?

    Moderator Andrew Nevins


    I agree, WordPress is cheap.

    Brandon Kraft


    Happiness Engineer

    May not be an issue with WordPress, per se. I know of at least one host that use ModSecurity that is a bit overzealous. That particular error message says something to the effect of “Method not implemented”.

    In short, there is a very real chance that this issue lies with the server and not with WordPress. Always could be an issue with WP, but let’s figure it out!

    I agree, WordPress is cheap.


    Love it!

    If you read up on the latest version of wordpress there are nothing but problems with it. I am really pissed off when I put some much effort into writing an article, just to have it eaten up by a wordpress script never to be found again.


    That’s because people with no problems tend not to say anything.

    It might be a server issue instead. What error message did you get? Can you reproduce the problem?


    Not to give you any false hopes, because the actual error message might be critical to understanding what really happened in this case, but does the title of the post or page you were working on still exist in your dashboard?

    WordPress has an auto-save feature which by default – unless intentionally disabled – will save anything you are working on in the editor every 60 seconds (I believe that’s the default, without looking it up). It might be worth checking to see if the auto-save happened to capture any of your draft before the error happened. It’s worth taking a look at, at least. If it did, it will/should be listed in the revisions section at the bottom of the post or page in the editor. You may have to choose ‘screen options’ from the top of the screen above the editor and then check the revisions box to expose it, if it’s there.

    [edit] I think I may be confusing my functions, however; some quick info on the Autosave feature

    [re-edit] additional documentation:

    One thing that just came to mind here is that the autosave feature can sometimes get in the way a bit and I have to let it complete before doing my own “update page” or “save draft” or whatever. But yes, autosave just might have the seemingly-lost page tucked away somewhere for retrieval.

    Before you blame WordPress itself.

    plugins that you use could be doing it.
    also the server your site is on.

    No it has been established that the PHP script of wordpress caused the issue. You see this script cannot handle errors as what has happened there was an error that happened during the last part that I was working on and in transition caused the Database on the server side to be replaced with the last message which was just deleted information from the script not been able to handle an error.

    So you see scripts can either handle errors or they cannot and in this case certainly cannot.

    Unstable Script that’s what this is.




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    it has been established

    Absolutely nothing has been established so far.

    As pointed out in one of your other topics, there is no “WordPress PHP script”. There are over 1,000 scripts that, together, make up the WordPress application. So if you think you have found a bug, please be specific and please ensure that you can replicate it using the default theme with all plugins deactivated before even thinking of labelling it as a bug.

    And WordPress cannot “replace” a database with an error message. Or anything else for that matter.

    You have been given a number of troubleshooting suggestions that, so far, you do not seem to have tried. Frankly I think your time would be far better spent actually troubleshooting the problem instead of repeatedly posting generic and non-specific complaints without any evidence to back them up.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    kennethfrns: If you wish to try to solve problems, then you’re welcome to continue posting on these support forums.

    If you merely want to complain, then you can do it somewhere else.

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