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  • I’m looking for a way (plugin hopefully) to add a vertical menu of my sites pages that allows for sub-menu items to show up on mouse-over or click. These items can either extend out the bottom of the main item or they can fly-out in a subnav panel.

    Anyone have any ideas of what would work?


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  • Me too. I’ve been researching this, because I’m trying to convert a really content rich academic site to WordPress. There’s a lot of info and some of the titles are long.

    I am not a big fan of flyout menus, but a client is insisting on one. I can not find any wordpress plugin that does this. Anyone have anything cooking?

    I have found a few that are non-wordpress. I am wondering how hard it is to make a plugin.

    Same here. I looked at NAVT and i’m using it for a customer right now but the whole idea of an easy to use CMS / blog for non programmers is gone when you have to manage your flyout menu’s like this:

    NAVT is a really good menu application but i’m searching something that my customers can use too. When i start with and copy and paste they look strained. When i start about copy and paste the conditional IE6 statements they look more than confused….

    Hey Everyone: I had the same issue too. Have you tried the plugin superfish w/ a wp_listpages() function call in an unordered list? Superfish uses Jquery and an unordered list, based on the menu plugin

    I tried that, and it worked for me. You get the flyout menu effect with the css/unordered list, and you get a dynamic menu; The menu items that show up are the pages because of the wp_listpages() function call. So when they add or remove a page, it reflects on the menu itself. The one thing you do have to do is style the list/menu for the different colors, but if you’re running firebug you should be ok.

    here’s the link to superfish:

    good luck, and hope this saves you lots of time ^_^

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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