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  • Hi @podokonnik,

    1. What is the vertical blue line between the third and fourth column, and can I remove it?

    I’m not able to see that blue line when viewing the theme’s demo site on my end:

    Screen Shot 2016 11 25 at 13 57 32

    You’re right that it shouldn’t be there at all. Can you let me know what browser and device you’re viewing the demo site on? I’d like to replicate the issue and get it reported back to the team.

    2. How to delete “More project” menu, or change size on very small?

    You can customise that area with some custom CSS.

    To add custom CSS: Firstly set up a child theme or activate a custom CSS plugin. (If you have Jetpack installed then you can activate its custom CSS module.)

    Add the following custom CSS to reduce the amount of width the area takes up:

    @media screen and (min-width: 84em) {
        .project-navigation>h1, .project-navigation .project-navigation-wrapper ul {
            max-width: 900px;

    Increase/decrease the value of max-width to your liking.

    To completely hide the area, use the following:

    .project-navigation {
        display: none;

    Hope that’s helpful!

    Thanks for the tips!

    About blue line:
    I see her only in Opera and Chrome browsers, when scale page 100%. If I do scale page 90%, blue line is passed.
    In Mozilla all right.

    *Screen resolution 1900×600. Windows 7-64 bit.

    Hi @podokonnik,

    I’m sorry for the delay in reply here! Thank you so much for clarifying the issue. I’ll get this reported back to the team behind this theme and let you know when I hear back on a fix.

    Hi @podokonnik,

    As a workaround, while we wait to hear back from the team on a more permanent fix, the following custom CSS will slightly increase the width of your posts and stop the vertical blue line from displaying:

    .post-thumbnail-wrapper {
    width: 100.2%;

    Hi @podokonnik!

    We’ve investigated this issue a bit, and the best solution appears to be what @siobhyb already suggested. Those updated styles have been added to the theme and will be available in the latest version (1.2.2).

    Once you’ve updated the theme, you will no longer need that custom CSS.

    Just let us know if you have any questions, or if we can assist with anything else!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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