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  1. macsoft3
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    Hello. We have a blog website at http://machouse.mhouse-j.com/ We are currently using the default theme. We've made simple adjustments to it. And there is one thing that I cannot figure out, which is to align an image vertically to the middle. For example, there is an article titled "Product Review: IC Recorder Olympus DS-50 (for Windows)" right at the top. And there is a button at the very bottom of the article. And I want to align this button vertically to the middle. If you need to see the style sheet, it can be downloaded at http://www.mhvt.net/quicktime/eng/help/style_css.zip. Thank you very much for your help.

    By the way, I did search the support forum under 'vertical align' but found nothing useful. And the current version of WordPress is 2.1.3.

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