• Versions 6.4 and later were full of bugs, which caused me a lot of trouble.
    It’s not just my unique situation.
    Users post bug reports and questions and comments on the Pro Support Forum many times a day.

    Maybe that’s why the administrator is so busy, and it’s hard to get a reply to me.

    If you tell them that you get an error code when paying with Paypal,
    “This issue is already been reported; however; as a workaround, you can send us a login and FTP access on this Link for us to temporarily patch EM.”
    -> Why don’t you modify the published “Events Manager Pro – PayPal Gateway”?

    I am currently suffering from the following bug.

    • A bug where when updating the information of a customer on the waiting list, the customer’s information is rewritten to the logged in user’s information.
    • Ticket consumption at the time of reservation is not normal, and the remaining number of tickets becomes a negative number.

    ->I was sent a page URL with code to solve the problem, but it was created two months ago.
    Please fix the original plugin.

    • If you set up a custom post, you will be redirected to a 404 page when making an offline reservation.

    Since “Events Manager Pro” is the main source of bugs, it is better to use only the free version.

    I just want my money back.

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    • This topic was modified 2 months, 2 weeks ago by tcmorita.
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