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  • Hi everyone, just to answer my own question: the team of CKEDITOR has confirmed to me in writing that they will no longer support WordPress as they are collaborating with drupal now.

    Personally, I will commission to my developer to update the plugin and integrate the most recent versions of the plugin. Anyone interested in contributing to the cost of around 800 EUR development is most welcome to chip in and get a copy once this is done.

    Really sad to see them abandon WordPress, I think this is by far the best WYSIWYG editor around…

    What I particularly like is the clean code and the CKFINDER (image upload) integration, as I hate the Media Library which is far too cluttered for my taste with more than 500 images…


    That is a real shame. I was just about to use this plugin. There seems to be a jQuery issue at the moment. Perhaps we can put the plugin on Github and work out the details there. But I don’t have a lot of time now.

    I would also be interested in seeing this developed further and the latest version of CKEditor integrated. I am blind and therefore use a screen reader to access web content with Firefox, and CKEditor is the most accessible rich editor out there.

    Did this proceed any further, and if so, where?


    Hi there, I haven’t taken this any further yet as the cost to update the plugin to the new version is around 500 USD, which is a bit much for me (off-shore developers)…

    If anybody has an idea, please feel free to add it to this thread, otherwise I plan on throwing ckeditor + ckfinder in the bin, I am afraid…

    I’m really close to getting CKEditor 4.3.2 running in WordPress with this plugin. So far I’ve carefully managed to swap out the old CKEditor 4.0 code line for the new version and all seems good, apart from one little nuisance.

    Every time I save a post with CKEditor enabled, WordPress displays the following message:

    The backup of this post in your browser is different from the version below. Restore the backup.

    Since WordPress 3.6 the auto revision feature saves revisions to browser local storage as well as the database. With CKEditor enabled the revision set in local storage is messed up and therefore does not match the database revision. The great news is this doesn’t cause any issues with saving the actual post to the database.

    Hopefully I can get this minor issue fixed soon and share my updates.

    I can live with the “different version” message. The build in text editor is useless for me. It seems to have a mind of his own and insists on modifying my HTML.

    Hi Lee,

    once you have this working, would you mind sharing the code somehow? Are there any significant improvements? Do you also use CKFINDER like I do?


    @titush not much in the way of changes really. I was more concerned with getting it working in versions of WordPress after 3.5.2. Being stuck on a legacy version of WordPress is not an ideal situation.

    Once I have a stable version running I will share on here.

    Also, I don’t use CKFinder, but I will try and make sure that works too.

    Plugin Author wiktor


    Hi everyone,

    If you are interested in having this extension updated, your help is really needed! Developing CKEditor itself takes already a lot of time and we – the CKEditor team – are unable to maintain this addon properly, unfortunately.

    If you are a PHP/JS developer, know WordPress well, you should have enough skills to handle CKEditor For WordPress extension development. On my side I can offer you help in case of any questions about CKEditor, but I’m unable to code.

    If you send me some working patches, I’d be happy to commit them as well as I’ll be happy to add you to the list of Committers later.

    If anyone is willing to help, please contact me directly:
    wiktor / at /

    Hi wiktor,

    I would pay my developer for this update of CKEDITOR, however I wouldn’t be able to make this update available for free then. Would it be o.k. to charge for this plugin, even just a symbolic fee of 5 USD? Just to pay my developer who I will have to pay myself…

    Thanks for advising if this is compliant with the T&C of CKSOURCE or if not, what options there are (kickstarter project maybe?


    Plugin Author wiktor


    Hi Titus,

    I’d like to keep the extension Open Source and free for download as it is today. Anyone who contributed to this plugin so far, as well as a number of developers who participated in CKEditor development did invest their time, which is basically worth the same as money.

    If you sponsor the developer to upgrade the extension, I’d be happy to mention you / your company on the CKEditor for WordPress project page, in a Sponsors section. This way anyone downloading this extension will see your company name promoted on this page. Would that be ok for you?

    I may have also some Basic Licenses for CKFinder, for anyone who’d be able to help in moving this extension forward. Just get in touch with me.

    Hi Wiktor,

    as much as I share the open source spirit, I can’t spend this money for the work without asking for subsidies by who will benefit of this, also because there might be support questions that I need to pay somebody to answer…

    Would it be possible that you update this plugin and charge for it as a “premium” version? I’d be happy to pay 20-30 USD for this, but I am already thinking of migrating all my sites to WP EDIT PRO instead, given you abandoned the WordPress community and decided to support drupal only…

    For anybody interested, this is a great editor too:

    Thanks, Titus

    @lee Hord: let me know if you need me to do some testing, happy to do that.

    Hi Wiktor,

    I am interested in helping Pay to sponsor a developer to upgrade the CK Editor Plugin to make it compatible with WP. I really need to be able to continue using CK Editor for my blog work. It is hands down the best editor. Please feel free to contact me here or at
    [ email deleted ]

    Thank you,

    Will 🙂

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