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  • noticed on more than a few of the theme sites, that these are often specified by versions of wp, and even intra version; ie, 1.2.1, 1.2.0.

    Is there a discussion on threads as to what to watch for if using these in other revisions than they were written for? Is it just new css classes or maybe the index.php too having easy to spot differences, or other stuff too?

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  • There are no differences, for the sake of presentation, between 1.2mingus, 1.2.1 and 1.2.2

    “Themes” (strictly a 1.5 term here) and layouts may be mentioned as working in a certain version because the developer only has access to that version.

    Started to go with this, but what about ‘theme sets’ with mostly different files from the stable version. Here’s an example:

    Sadish Balasubramanian’s Shaded Grey theme for 2.1.5 – most of the included files are different, for instance category.php – is it instead of categories.php, and several more.


    I have the theme working in so many different websites already.

    I am not sure which dated version WP change to categories.php ?

    so anything on this link
    is not valid now ?

    Sadish, you must be the Sadish.
    These themes are so great.

    Noticed on the link you provided, another link to explain query types
    Mentioned there is the following:

    WordPress 1.3 introduces the “is� series of template functions

    Question is, especially as the themes package (this one from the site – and others around) are labeled 1.5 or whatever version, can they be used with earlier editions of WP? For instance, if this ‘is’ function is used, what problems would it cause and are there workarounds?


    you need to attend a special class on what themes in wp nightly builds is all about.

    I cannot start that class now, but I will give you some things to ponder over.

    In WordPress 1.2, the same index.php was used when the default page, category page, monthly archive page, or a single post is viewed. And also the themes that you can create for WP 1.2 are merely a change of the stylesheet.
    so switching a different theme in WP 1.2 meant, only loading a different stylesheet, but still using the same index.php
    you can see it in action at my website ‘ s homepage, look at the bottom of the sidebar.

    In order to differentiate whether the index.php is being queried for a single post, or category page, or monthly archive page,
    Kubrick from came up with an idea.
    For example, to see if it is a category page, Kubrick looked for empty($_GET[‘cat’]) and empty($_GET[‘category_name’]) .
    this is for WP 1.2 .

    but when WP 1.5 was developed, the developers took Kubrick’s idea and made it much simpler and provided another method to determine the same thing.
    they came up with “is_category()” , “is_month()” etc to make it easy to code and easy to understand.
    this method is only available in the nightly 1.5 builds.

    So if a theme uses a is_category() method and if you try to use it for wp 1.2, which has no idea about this new method, its going to break obviously.

    Thats why has put special category for the themes.
    all these downloads clearly belong to 2 categories.
    “Downloadable Theme and WP 1.2” for 1.2 themes (i should say 1.2 styles)
    and “Downloadable Theme and WP 1.5 for 1.5 themes.

    and a 1.2 theme may not work on 1.5 and vice versa.

    I hope this clears some of your views. I can still go on this topic, but I will do it sometime later.


    This will probably be helpful for many.

    Other links in addition to whatever continuation you could offer on this would also be welcome.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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