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  • The version 7 notification won’t go away. I click the close button and it continues to appear. I clicked the Extensions button and it continues to appear.

    Side note, I understand the need to monetize the plugin to support future development of it, but removing features is bad form. The 5 star ratings this plugin has received are BECAUSE of all the free features. Removing those features now, negates the large portion of those reviews. The new “base” for this plugin is not nearly as impressive or worthy of 5 stars.

    Maybe instead of removing features, you add new features that actually extend the functionality of the current plugin.

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Can you use the console of your browser to verify that there are no javascript errors when you attempt to dismiss the notice?

    Side note, you can continue to use the 6.4 branch if you like. Nothing is stopping you.

    Same issue. No JS Error and this notification appears on every page. Pretty much annoying

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Any chance you could post the content of the theme_my_login option in the wp_options table in your database?

    Also, can you view the Network inspector of your browser when you click the dismiss button and note the result of the AJAX call?

    SELECT * FROMXXXXXXXX.wpai_optionsWHERE (CONVERT(option_idUSING utf8) LIKE ‘theme_my_login’ OR CONVERT(option_nameUSING utf8) LIKE ‘theme_my_login’ OR CONVERT(option_valueUSING utf8) LIKE ‘theme_my_login’ OR CONVERT(autoloadUSING utf8) LIKE ‘theme_my_login’)

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    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Try this:

    SELECT option_value FROM wpai_options WHERE option_name='theme_my_login';

    So I must overwrite the entire entry? Sorry not so 100% clued up with MySQL

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    I just want to see the value of the theme_my_login option. Running that query will fetch it.

    Same problem here. I will have to deactivate the plugin. I get this message on every screen in the WordPress Backend and can’t dismiss it.

    When I run the SQL-Statement I get this:

    mysql> SELECT option_value FROM wpai_options WHERE option_name='theme_my_login';
    ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'xxx.wpai_options' doesn't exist

    By the way: I am running a Multisite WordPress if that helps.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    On a “normal” install, the table would be wp_options, not wpai_options.

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Perhaps try waiting a few moments after clicking dismiss to give your server time to respond?

    How come it was changed from wp_options to wpai_options?
    I can wait several minutes before dismissing the notification but when I click on another link the notification appears again

    Plugin Contributor Theme My Login


    Apparently you (or whoever built your site) assigned wpai_ as your table prefix.

    If you see the link posted above, it’s clearly dismissible. So, perhaps another plugin is interfering?

    Yea I thought as much that there might be a plugin conflict. Do you guys have a list of plugins which might cause problems with TML?

    I built the WP site a couple of months ago and actually never checked when and how the wp_options were changed to wpai_

    Plugin Author Jeff Farthing


    Sorry, no list of known incompatibilities.

    Just installed the latest update from today and now I can dismiss the message and it does not appear again

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