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    Is the Divi compatibility plugin still required following the upgrade to version 6 of the events calendar?

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  • What is the Divi compatibility plugin???

    I’m a long time Divi User who just set up TEC and am really struggling with it. Venues are completely broken and very little seems to work.

    Even though TEC documentation says you can change button and link colors, I can’t style a thing—can’t change default colors, font families, font sizes, featured image size and default view. No short codes for putting calendar into a module.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hey @southernb

    To answer your question, the compatibility plugin addresses some specific issues.
    If you are not facing any of those, then you can remove the add-on.

    With that in mind, we do have a compatibility issue with Divi as of version 6.0 to @gentian16 ‘s point. Venue details and map are not displaying as expected.

    We are working on a fix and we’ll report back here as soon as it’s out. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

    For now, the only known workaround is to reverse the data migration and downgrade to a pre 6.0 version.

    @gentian16 for styling purposes you should be able to do so with the WordPress customizer. However, it is possible that Divi is blocking those.

    For what it’s worth, several of our Divi users really like Pee Aye Creative’s add-on for its flexibility and integration with Divi.


    Thank you for being so responsive. Anxiously awaiting a Divi fix! Helps to know you’re not alone.

    Sorry, the Divi Customizer IS working, although features are frustratingly limited. Apologies, I was looking for the styling tabs that I saw in your documentation.

    Thank you for recommending Pee Aye Creative’s add-on!!! But the Add-Ons keep adding up;) Weighing PAC vs. Pro if I decide TEC is the way to go.

    Any way I can style fonts or anything in CSS? I’m no expert but and a volunteer for this our small non-profit. TIA…

    Update: After customizing our calendar with Divi Customizer, our top menu, the secondary menu, suddenly changed color from a burnt orange to a bright cerulean blue. Happened to entire top menu.

    Maybe because I changed the accent color for TEC??? I will try to undo that to see what went wrong.


    Confirmed. Customizing the Default Accent color for TEC in the Divi Customizer breaks Divi menus colors.

    When I reverted to TEC’s default accent color, the Divi menu went back to correct color for entire website.

    Funny thing, when I was editing in Customizer the menu appeared correct. Only after logging out did I notice the TEC changed my menu color globally,

    Any news on when the update is coming, really bad you didn’t test this. I have two broken sites.

    For anyone else looking at Divi compatibility then you need this plugin ( It is awesome and PeeAye have tested with TEC 6.x, it’s just that TEC 6.x is riddled with bugs.

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    I have a number of sites using TEC along with the PeeAyeCreative plugin, which is really amazing, and has matured very nicely … Their sample templates are a lot better and his support good.

    My only issue is saving the venues on 6.1 does not work. rolling back to works just fine.

    PeeAye’s product looks very nice!

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    Hi everyone, for the Gmaps, Single, and Venue we’re still having issues with v6.0.1.1, and as a workaround as @thewebexpert said, please downgrade to v6.0.0.1 in the meantime.

    @cyclobob appreciate you sharing, we also have an article leading to that URL as well here.

    @gentian16, yes they’re awesome!

    We already created an internal bug ticket for this, and I have added your case to it. Thanks for all the details, I will definitely pass it along to our devs.

    I am unable to provide an exact date or time estimate for when this bug will be fixed, but you’ll be notified when there are any updates.

    Hang in there. Appreciate your patience.



    Internal Bug Ticket Reference:

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    Hi @southernb, @gentian16, @cyclobob, and @thewebexpert,
    We wanted to let you know that with our latest release of The Events Calendar version 6.0.2, we resolved the issues between our plugin and Divi. Be sure to review our full Release Notes for more details.
    As always, we suggest testing updates on a staging site first, and having a recent backup, but it should all be smooth sailing. If you implemented any workarounds, you may remove them after updating.
    If you still have issues after updating to the latest release, please let us know.
    Have a great rest of your day!
    Thank you,

    I am still seeing multiple issues with 6.0.2. For example I have a site that is running perfectly well using 5.16.4. I upgrade to 6.anything and I lose the post title and the featured image. Even if I upgrade the events (only 5) then it still doesn’t work. I am using Divi with Divi Events Calendar (2.4.4 as V2.5 has bugs) from PeeAyeCreative.

    I have a Theme Builder template for all events in a specific category and it works with the old software versions This is a typical event

    You can see a list of events here

    I have multiple other sites with similar issues and I am not comfortable switching them to TEC 6.x as every time I try something breaks.

    Plugin Support Abz


    Hi @cyclobob, sorry to hear about this, and apologies for the delay here. I could see that your site is still using the v1 Legacy views which we do not provide support for anymore due to bugs like these that are complicated for us to track down and fix. I’d recommend updating it to v2 views before upgrading to v6.0.2. Please follow the article here.

    To be safe, we’d recommend conducting tests and new updates on a Staging Server. Also, please keep a working backup of your website.

    Let me know how it goes.




    That’s all good, but I am not using any of your views. I am using Divi theme with Dvivi Events Calendar from PeeAyeCreative.

    Not interested in standard views as they don’t work well with Divi.

    I have several sites working with these plugins/themes and some are OK on 6.x, others like this one won’t display basic information after the upgrade. Simple stuff like displaying the Post Title.

    If I disable all plugins other than Events Calendar and create Divi Builder profile for all events, Post title does not show up. If I downgrade from 6.x to 5.x TEC everything works OK. I can see the post has a title in the database, but there seems to be some issue with Divi Builder and The Events Calendar (TEC).


    Plugin Support Abz


    Hi @cyclobob, thanks for clarifying and confirming here. I’m curious about this one, I wonder if this is isolated. We’ve fixed a couple of issues with Divi but somehow this is not included there →

    I’d like to investigate more and for me to help you better and replicate the issue, could you provide the following version of the following?
    1. PHP
    2. WordPress
    3. The Events Calendar
    4. Theme and Version

    It would also be good if you could reach out to the PeeAyeCreative team and see if they also have a workaround.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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