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  • Hi John

    Please can you tell us when V 6.4 get out (because, you comment this version resolve problem with search console. Thanks

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  • Plugin Author John Havlik


    Breadcrumb NavXT 6.4 itself isn’t going to fix the Google search console issues. It is going to introduce a new feature that allows you to add the link/url ID to unlinked breadcrumbs for those who want that. Fixing the search console issues is site dependent, what is known to work when the current item is not linked are the default breadcrumb templates that Breadcrumb NavXT 6.2 and newer ship with (in general, this means your unlinked templates need to be <span>%htitlte</span> without any itemprop or associated attributes). The changes in 6.4 will make it possible to include the URL/ID so that the markup can be included in the unlinked templates.

    As for the release date, Breadcrumb NavXT 6.4 is slated for the end of October. I am most of the way through implementing the link/url change (still need to work through a couple of unit tests that fail).

    Hi John,

    Thanks. But I try but no results. can you paste here in your future answer the perfect html you comment and clarify yourself how we can solve this and sure it´s correct.

    I´m so desesperate with that o search console and error Missing field “item” and Missing field “id”

    Home Template: ?

    Home Template (Unlinked) : ?

    note: search console continue put this error in all pages and must be important because all pages down en general when begun this error search console.

    Big thanks, hope not disturb you with that.

    Plugin Author John Havlik


    How many of the Breadcrumb NavXT settings have you changed? I ask as it may be easier to just reset the settings to the “factory defaults” and then reapply your changes. To reset the settings, go to the Breadcrumb NavXT settings page, click on the “Help” tab in the upper right hand side of the screen. In the Help drop down, click on “Import/Export/Reset”. Lastly, click the “Reset” button.

    The Home Template should be something like:
    <span property="itemListElement" typeof="ListItem"><a property="item" typeof="WebPage" title="Go to %title%." href="%link%" class="%type%"><span property="name">Home</span></a><meta property="position" content="%position%"></span>
    The Home Template unliked should be something like:



    Hi John

    Nothing change, sorry, I have the same error in google console in 126 pages. It’s the same. I put your code & i try to resolve myself more. The same error “miss itemlist element”
    What can i do ¿? Try¿? TX



    Can tell me something¿? I´m desesperate with that, i paste you url example:


    Plugin Author John Havlik


    When I checked the link in Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool, it didn’t complain about the BreadcrumbList. However, it only found a single element because you specified “ BreadcrumbList (microdata)” in the widget settings and only the last element complies with that format. The rest of the breadcrumbs are using the RDFa formatted BreadcrumbList data. You will need to decide which format you want (microdata vs RDFa), and make sure all of your breadcrumb templates follow the same format.

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