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  • Resolved Ralf R.


    With new update to version 6.0 without any changelog text most of the functions where disabled. You need to register for Exactmetrix now.

    All overviews has gone without registration.

    I uses plugin many years on many of my websites, but with new version 6.0 some old functions now only are available in Pro version and i dont want to spend 700$ yearly (what a good deal instead of 1400$) for 25-100 websites every year just to integrate the google analytics code in my website! Maybe 100-200 a year for unlimited sites would be a good price, but noch 700.

    I am sad, that since ExactMetrics takes control over the old best plugins now goes this way…

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  • Plugin Author chriscct7


    Hi there,
    You do not need to register, nor have an account with us you simply need to authenticate (like you had to before) in the settings panel.

    With 6.0 we use a different authentication method so sites need to be re-authenticated, but your tracking will continue to work in the meantime even if you don’t get to it straightaway (like an autoupdate) as we manually migrate the UA code to use.

    Nothing has changed in that regard.


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    Thread Starter Ralf R.


    When i updated, the changelog for 6.0 was not shown yet.

    Rollback function was not possible (only delete plugin manually and install old backup of old plugin).

    Scroll Tracking is a Pro feature now (was free for years)…

    Function to include individuell speed sample rate (it was a suggest from me years a go) i can not find in new version.

    Most of reports in dashboard has gone – most functions only in pro version now. Even only 30 days report – 90 days in Pro version. Everywhere in the plugin “buy Pro”.

    New version no report colum in post or page overview page to get a fast report for just one page.

    This plugin is not longer usesful in lite version and even in Pro Version functions has gone, as i see.

    Thread Starter Ralf R.


    I use old version now and will search for new plugin the next weeks, if the problems dont get fixed in free version.

    btw: It seems MonsterInsights bought old GADWP (the real best plugin) just to have no good competitors.

    And i dont want only free plugins, but the price has to be fair. I have many small websites and dont want to pay hundreds of $ if i dont need all the functions 🙁

    I changed my 5* review to lower review. 5* was only for the free very good old plugin with more functions then pro version… Everyone how used old plugin and is not satisfied with new policies feel free to change your review too.

    To my headline: registration seems not needed, but set up new. This was not clear before updating.

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    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    I use old version now and will search for new plugin the next weeks. If anyone has a advice let us all now.

    Unless you are supporting this plugin, don’t reply. These are not general discussion forums and talking about alternatives will get this and other topics closed.

    I get that people are upset and that part is cool. But keep the topics here about support for this plugin. Anything else isn’t appropriate here and I’ve archived some of the replies here already.

    @jan suggesting alternatives for plugins that go commercial without any formal notice is not a general discussion but a need for members of the community that supports WordPress and its wonderful contributors. A little in depth view as to what is happening with this plugin would be much appreciated… especially from moderators.

    Thread Starter Ralf R.


    @jan especially when there are hundreds of unsatisfied users. The plugin get only 50 one star reviews in 6 years. Now it got over 90 in just 8 hours and every 10 minutes one more…

    And the changelog didn´t tell the users before about chances than most functions are only for pro members.

    And Monsterinsight bought the old good plugin – in my opinion just to get the free competiter away… ExactMetrics is a trademark of MonsterInsights…

    Time to fork the original plugin under GPL license, and produce an alternative?

    Thread Starter Ralf R.


    @kentaiwan98 Someone already did. Plugin GAinWP based on the original GADWP open source.

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