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  • This is my initial reaction to WP v 5

    Not impressed is to put it mildly!

    Creating a post with headings, subheadings pictures embeds etc is now a lot more work and a lot less control over the outcome than in previous version!!!!

    To create static pages with design flair ELEMENTOR is by far a superior option

    Despite the hype this is NOT a ‘end user’ friendly interface. My clients will be screaming with frustration. Great disappointment

    The only good news is – the Classic Editor plugin!

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  • You can’t rely on the Classic Editor plugin forever. It was said it will only be there for you until 2021. 3 years if it goes away at the end of 2021.

    If any more proof were needed, try enabling the 2019 theme in the customizer.

    It looks bloody horrible!

    I hope the ‘new kids’ on the code will try not to destroy such an advanced and well-named CMS that is WordPress 🙂

    Let’s contribute to make changes (at least) work ^^
    (if we can, of course)

    I just press Enter button on my keyboard and it gives me a new block. I don’t need a new block for a new line. And I don’t have to input custom html codes for every single block. This is not the way of coding. Beside that, the new editor always tell me that the html code is wrong and it makes it correct automatically but it doesn’t make it right, everything is going to be corrupted, spoiled, oh no i don’t like it.

    Hey @steve-t-1 Thanks for the link to Classic Press.. this may be great for a few of my sites.

    There are more issues I discover with every minute passing!!!!

    1. Elementor editing option is not showing in:
    * top admin menu bar
    * all posts/Pages listing
    * Edit Post/pages
    which means wordpress is not letting you get into the elementor editing interface

    After installing Classic Editor An elementor button appears in the editing side BUT NOWHERE ELSE!

    Again more licking to get to things that were accessible easily before!


    2. While editing a post could not move away from it to anywhere! had to actually close the browser tab (this was before installing classic editor)

    Dreading to see what goes on on sites with woocommerce…

    This version seems very buggy so far

    And also way too long to load the preview!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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