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    I found out that CF7 version 5.4 was causing all the forms on this site to display a spinning wheel which never resolved (desktop) and on mobile, no confirmation was ever shown (leading to end-users repeatedly pressing the submit buttons, flooding us with duplicate messages.)

    After some troubleshooting, I reverted to the last working version 5.3.2 – which immediately fixed the problem.

    I can toggle the site now between working forms and non-working by changing the installed version.

    Is this a known issue, and is a fix being worked on?

    The form on the linked page is NOW WORKING – it’s just one of hundreds of forms.

    I’m happy to supply you with debugging help if you wish, but I’d really like to leave this on with the live site. I can potentially set up a dev version of the site if needed.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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    Oh, and in case it wasn’t clear – the forms DID work (emails were sent) in version 5.4 – they just never confirm anything has happened to the end users. If I hit the button 4 times, I’d get 4 identical emails. This confirmed that user behavior was causing the duplicate email/form submissions – but the 5.4 update was why the users were suddenly hitting the submit button over and over.

    @aumw-jay This is an ongoing issue with the 5.4 update. Haven’t heard of a solution yet, I had rolled back to 5.2.3 without success.

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    @ashlyleh, I had to clear all the layers of caching on the site (there are three) but it did fix the problem to roll it back to the previous version.

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    I JUST got to the same conclusion and came to check. Yes, for my/clients websites too the messages are being delivered successfully, but there is no success message.

    I am also using Contact Form 7 Email Spam Blocker and the error messages for set spam emails aren’t appearing either.

    Couldn’t revert back to older versions.

    Argh! I wish I had checked here first. Same problem with unending submission spin. Trying to roll back now as I have a huge product launch going on now and I’m getting flooded with inquiries. I should have listened to the voice in my head that said update tonight after hours, but no, I had to do it now. 😉

    Not only does the confirmation icon spin and spin… There also seems to be a debugging statement in the JavaScript that is triggered when the console is open.

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    Guys, I would suggest that most themes haven’t had been updated to be compatible with the front end changes. Check if your theme initially hides the response output.

    I found my theme would set the following:

    .wpcf7-response-output { display: none; }

    I override this to display: block in my child theme and the confirmation messages is now visible.

    Having the same issue

    Getting this error in console:
    TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘g.hasQueryArg’)

    the developer of the plugin usually fixes all bugs, but it takes time

    i truly love this plugin, but i always update it weeks or months after the initial release, so all the bugs are tested and fixed

    especially if its not a security issue and you don-t need to actually upgrade it

    I submitted this github issue.
    I wonder if this feedback issue is related you the one you mention:
    When there is an invalid field, version 5.4 no longer shows feedback for invalid fields.
    No message shows, and styles which used to highlight the fields that need fixing also do not show.

    This even occurs if I change to a WordPress theme, such as 2021 or 2020.
    It also occurs when I remove my custom cf7 styles, so that only cf7 embedded styles are used, whether on my theme, or a WordPress theme.

    At best, an empty skinny orange box shows up at the bottom of the form, without any message appearing.

    Using my styles on v 5.3.2, a message in red appeared underneath every field that did not pass validation, and a message “One or more fields have an error. Please check and try again.” under the form (above the “Send” button), with colored text and background.

    Reverting to CF7 v5.3.2 restored expected functionality. 🙂


    It seems the latest version breaks feedback from the Submit button, whether the feedback is that the message was successfully sent, or the feedback is that there are invalid fields, so the message has not yet been sent.

    Additionally, and this may be unrelated, but the new spinner does not “spin” on my site. I dunno if anyone else is getting this or not, but mine shows flashing dot inside the gray background circle, but the dot does not circle around. Obviously, I could live without a spinning spinner…
    but I do need the major feedback messages and styles to work as required.

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    So today, WP Rocket published a new update. Apparently the non-responsive form issue I originally posted here was due to a compatibility issue that changed when CF7 was updated to 5.4:

    3rd party compatibility: Fix Defer JS problem with Contact Form 5.4 (#3625)

    I updated WP Rocket, and updated to 5.4, and the forms now work correctly.

    Hopefully this can help some others.

    I updated my WP Rocket after I saw the release notes this morning also, and then did the CF7 5.4 update, and all is good (and fast) now. 🙂

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