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  • Hello. I needed to disable the plugin because it was causing a 500 error (Internal Server Error) throughout the site after upgrading to version 5.10.0.

    I am at your disposal to perform tests and help to discover the root cause of the problem.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • @mnelson4. I have updated to 5.10.1. That fixed it.

    As for my post type my_products that is part of the theme “Ronneby” –

    Also, I use SiteGround for hosting.

    Plugin Support Michael Nelson


    Thanks we’ve gotten a few lists of potentially conflicting plugins, so that might help. It would also help if you could share your YARPP settings (either by copy-and-pasting the data from the “help” tab on yarpp settings page, or just taking a few screenshots of the yarpp settings.)

    here we go

    [versions] =>
    [yarpp] => 5.10.1
    [wp] => 5.5.1
    [php] => 7.4.11
    [mysql] => 5.7.31
    [yarpp] =>
    [settings] =>
    [threshold] => 10
    [limit] => 12
    [excerpt_length] => 70
    [recent] =>
    [rss_limit] => 3
    [rss_excerpt_length] => 10
    [past_only] =>
    [show_excerpt] => 1
    [rss_show_excerpt] =>
    [template] =>
    [rss_template] =>
    [show_pass_post] =>
    [cross_relate] =>
    [rss_display] =>
    [rss_excerpt_display] => 1
    [promote_yarpp] =>
    [rss_promote_yarpp] =>
    [myisam_override] =>
    [weight] =>
    [title] => 1
    [body] => 3
    [tax] =>
    [post_tag] => 3
    [require_tax] =>
    [auto_display_archive] =>
    [auto_display_post_types] => post
    [cache_engine] => tables
    [changed_settings] => before_post|after_post|after_related|exclude|thumbnails_default|rss_thumbnails_default|before_related
    [cache_status] => 0.5982
    [stats] => 0:353|12:126|13:90|14:84|15:61|16:55|17:88|18:108|19:76|20:86|21:64|22:63|23:50|24:52|25:38|26:29|27:28|28:15|29:25|30:15|31:10|32:7|33:4|34:1|35:1
    [diagnostics] =>
    [myisam_posts] => 1
    [fulltext_disabled] =>
    [fulltext_indices] => 1
    [hidden_metaboxes] =>
    [post_thumbnails] => 1
    [happy] => 1
    [using_thumbnails] =>
    [generate_thumbnails] =>
    [stats] =>
    [counts] =>
    [post] => 1529
    [page] => 33
    [attachment] => 0
    [mailpoet_page] => 1
    [terms] =>
    [category] => 14
    [post_tag] => 4062
    [post_format] => 0
    [comments] =>
    [moderated] => 0
    [approved] => 436
    [total] => 436
    [posts] => 245
    [users] => 4
    [locale] => de-DE
    [url] =>
    [plugins] =>
    [active] => akismet/akismet.php|allow-rel-and-html-in-author-bios/allow_rel_in_bios.php|autodescription/autodescription.php|autoptimize/autoptimize.php|classic-editor/classic-editor.php|code-snippets/code-snippets.php|contextual-adminbar-color/contextual-adminbar-color.php|default-to-gd-master/default-to-gd.php|dynamic-widgets/dynamic-widgets.php|easy-soundcloud-shortcode/EasySoundcloudShortcode.php|fix-multiple-redirects/fix-multiple-redirects.php|fix-rss-feed/fix-rss-feed.php|google-analytics-for-wordpress/googleanalytics.php|google-sitemap-generator/sitemap.php|gp-premium/gp-premium.php|hot-random-image/hot_random_image.php|hotfix/hotfix.php|instagram-feed/instagram-feed.php|jetpack/jetpack.php|limit-login-attempts/limit-login-attempts.php|mailpoet-premium/mailpoet-premium.php|mailpoet/mailpoet.php|noindex-pages/noindex-pages.php|onesignal-free-web-push-notifications/onesignal.php|open-in-new-window-plugin/open_in_new_window.php|quotes-collection/quotes-collection.php|really-simple-captcha/really-simple-captcha.php|really-simple-ssl-pro/really-simple-ssl-pro.php|really-simple-ssl/rlrsssl-really-simple-ssl.php|redirection/redirection.php|smart-404/smart404.php|snitch/snitch.php|starbox/starbox.php|stats-helper.php|subscribe-to-comments/subscribe-to-comments.php|tagcloud-html5/tagCloud-html5.php|uk-cookie-consent/uk-cookie-consent.php|ultimate-category-excluder/ultimate-category-excluder.php|visitor-maps-geoip/visitor-maps-geoip.php|visitor-maps/visitor-maps.php|wonderplugin-audio/wonderpluginaudio.php|wordpresscom-popular-posts/wppp.php|wp-cumulus/wp-cumulus.php|wp-db-backup/wp-db-backup.php|wp-hide-post/wp-hide-post.php|wp-optimize/wp-optimize.php|wp-polls/wp-polls.php|wp-super-cache/wp-cache.php|wp-youtube-player/wp-youtube-player.php|yet-another-related-posts-plugin/yarpp.php
    [sitewide] =>
    [pools] =>

    Plugin Support Michael Nelson


    Aha, “excerpts”. We hadn’t tested with excerpts active. I’m pretty sure you’ve all got YARPP showing excerpts.
    I’m pretty sure I can work on a fix that will have the DB optimization AND not have a fatal error… stay tuned…

    Plugin Support Michael Nelson


    Ok we’ve got an updated version and my testing shows it fixed the error you all were getting (while also improving the database queries when fetching related posts for the first time.)
    It would be reassuring if any one of you could test it. Here’s how:

    1. Download the new version from here:
    2. Go to your WordPress dashboard, click plugins, then “add new”, then “upload” and select the zip file you just downloaded
    3. Deactivate the previous version of YARPP (5.10.1)
    4. Activate the new version of YARPP (5.10.2)

    You should not see the fatal error from before on any pages.

    If you manage to test, please let us know how it goes.

    Sorry again for the error last time. Like I said before, we had neglected to test with excerpts (who’d have thought a little bit of text would cause such an explosion? 😖) Thanks for your help so far fixing this situation.

    @mnelson4 I have tested 5.10.2. No 500 errors for me. 🙂

    I have tested several posts. Nothing in the error log.

    Plugin Support Michael Nelson


    Great thanks @riseofweb! If anyone else can confirm there’s no problems with their setup that would be helpful. I think we’d like to re-release it this week.

    5.10.2 – seems to work for me.. no timeouts any more 🙂

    Plugin Support Michael Nelson


    Ok version 5.10.2 released to everyone. If anyone has any issues with it, it would probably be good to start a new topic.

    Thanks everyone for your help with this issue.

    @mnelson4 Thank you for the update, I can confirm that the newly released version works as expected on all my blogs.

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