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    Just updated my live site to and found out that the single event screen only loaded the title and description! I quickly rolled back to check it was definitely the plugin update that caused it and all went back to normal.

    I performed the update on my localhost and checked my test event:
    Test event with v5.0.2.1
    Same event with v5.0.3.1

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  • I am having the same issue.

    Yes same thing for me. And I tested this a few weeks ago on a staging site and it was fine. However after trying to update today I had the same result – only title and description displayed

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    Hi there @adbowp @vinccitl @jcarney!
    Hope you all are good!

    I’m so sorry for that issue that you’re facing.
    Does any of you has a staging environment where I can check that happening?

    I’ve tried to reproduce this on my local environment without success.

    Thanks for all the messages and collaboration

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    Hi @deblynprado,

    I messaged you on Slack with a link and login to our staging site

    Oh my god. I’ve wasted so much time trying to track this down. All plugins disabled and switching to a default theme. The only fix was to go back to The Events Calendar Both and 5.0.3 are broken.

    Does no one run the latest software and use the block editor? How are there not more complaints about this? How does such an obvious issue of all your event details not showing get past testing?

    Please fix asap!

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    Hey @adbowp!

    Thank you so much, but I’m afraid that I haven’t received your message.

    Can you please send this to I’ll try to take a look and figure out what’s going on.

    Thank you again đŸ˜€

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    Hi @deblynprado,

    That’s strange! I sent you a copy via email đŸ™‚


    Hi all,

    Same problem for me.
    Following you will find information that may help you find a fix.

    The “post_content” field in the WordPress “posts” table contains the following information instead of a simple sentence (i.e. “This is an example of the description displayed in the event.”):

    <!– wp:tribe/event-datetime /–>

    <!– wp:tribe/featured-image /–>

    <!– wp:paragraph –>
    <p>This is an example of the description displayed in the event.</p>
    <!– /wp:paragraph –>

    <!– wp:tribe/event-links /–>

    <!– wp:tribe/classic-event-details /–>

    <!– wp:tribe/event-venue /–>

    This is very strange.

    Best regards

    I think it might have something to do with duplicated events.

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    Can still confirm this still applies and is not fixed in the latest version – 5.1.0


    I just tested. Same problem with version 5.1.0. It is a regression compared to version

    Best regards.

    Same issue here on the latest version of TEC. Happens whether I use Classic Editor or Block editor, no information displayed for single event other than title and featured image, the rest is blank and followed by a list of upcoming events.

    While not ideal, a workaround I found for this issue is to disable the setting Use updated calendar designs. It fixed Single Event views for me. Hopefully there is a solution for the long term on the updated designs.

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    Just an update for people following this thread:

    @docdunning has posted a solution by modifying the post.php code which seems to work perfectly, however we shouldn’t have to modify plugin files in order for it to work properly.

    If you’re not happy modifying code, you can switch to “Default Event Template” as @siergiejpoz found out in their thread. I tested this and it also works.

    I also complained about the lack of response from Modern Tribe in that thread, since this update pretty much breaks the plugin for people that use gutenberg. Hopefully they acknowledge it soon.

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    Hi @adbowp @bozzmedia @paulagaces @brianbws

    I’m really sorry for the lack of response here and for the issue you are experiencing.

    I have just tested the following:
    – WordPress 5.4.1, Twentytwenty, TEC (nothing else), using Default Page Template and Updated Calendar Designs
    – Create an event with block editor, with description, organizer, venue
    – shows good on the front
    – update TEC to 5.1.0
    – check event
    ==> Event still shows up with all the details, no change.

    I haven’t been able to reproduce your issue so far. If I missed something there, please let me know.

    Here are some questions that might help get to the bottom of this:
    – Are you duplicating events with the help of a plugin?
    – What theme are you using?
    – Do you have a plugin like Classic Editor or Disable Gutenberg active?

    As for the post of @paulagaces:

    That is normal code. The block editor uses this kind of structuring and markup to know where the blocks are and what blocks are they. There is no issue with that.


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