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    After installing version 4.5.5 replies to buddypress activities appear as new activities instead of replies when refreshing the page.
    I had to install 4.5.4 again to fix the issue.

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  • Same issue here… Where did you get the 4.5.4 @andricor?

    Solutiom: I used the plugin WP-Rollback. Might come in handy if something like this happens again 🙂

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    Came here to say the same thing. Needs to be fixed ASAP as it’s a huge problem.

    Same here. Please fix.

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    @schirm0r sorry, I missed your question.
    You can go on the plugin page, on the advanced section:
    On the bottom you find all the versions.

    The same problem here… rolled back to 4.5.4

    Plugin Contributor Pranali Patel


    Hello all,

    This is Pranali from rtMedia team.

    We have fixed this issue and will be releasing the fix in the very upcoming release this month.

    I will update here once the plugin is ready for the release.

    Thanks for patience.

    Thanks @pranalipatel

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    Thank you!

    Plugin Contributor sid177



    This is Siddharth from rtMedia team.

    The new version of rtMedia v4.5.6 is released with the fix of this issue.


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    wonderful! thanks @sid177 !

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    Hi @sid177
    I’m back to version 4.5.4 because in version 4.5.6 the buddypress thumbnails are not resizing to fit in mobile devices.
    For example… if I set “medium” size to 600px (buddypress activity), in version 4.5.4, when the width of my mobile would be 400px, the picture would resize to fit the width.
    In version 4.5.6 the picture is cropped on the right side. Sometimes I can scroll it to see the piece that is not visible, but that doesn’t work all the time.
    So I rolled back to version 4.5.4 which works perfectly.
    Hope you can have a look at this too!

    Yes, I’m back to version 4.5.4 for the same reason.
    It seems to me there’s a fundamental incompatibility between rtMedia and Buddypress, which means rtMedia messes up the Buddypress comments system.
    Version 4.5.4: comments appear as activity stream items in their own right, which doesn’t make any sense, I can’t imagine why anybody would ever want it this way. The default should be Threaded comments.
    Version 4.5.5: Not sure whether that was “fixed” but it had a problem where comments didn’t appear AT ALL in the activity stream, despite appeaaring in the Activity page in the admin interface.
    Version 4.5.6: Haven’t tested the comments, as the thumbnails were just too messy, both on Desktop (Masonry view no longer working, messed up presumably by the thumbnails) and on Mobile.
    Please, rtMedia team, TEST your releases before releasing them… many people’s websites DEPEND on this stuff working, releasing a dud version means everyone’s site is messed up with no hope of a sensible fix.

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    I should add my entire website is in limbo waiting on a fix for this. I can’t release while this system is confusing for users, they won’t bother using it. Until a fix is released I can’t release. Waiting on you…

    Plugin Contributor Krupa



    This Krupa from rtMedia team.

    We are glad to inform you regarding the latest rtMedia Plugin release.

    We have addressed the duplicate comment issue in latest release. Please update the rtMedia plugin to its latest version V4.5.7

    Thank you all for your patience.


    Krupa Nanda

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