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  • BackWPup/BackWPup Pro was one of the most reliable and trustworthy WP plugins as of version 2.x. I have used it myself, recommended it and installed it on 4 of my clients.

    If there was a plugin I would pay for and tell my clients to pay for it would have been BackWPup/BackWPup Pro as cost effective insurance for their business. It was just a no brainer. In my 4 customers sites it has gone in on my recommendation.

    I am not sure if the versions past 2.x have been pushed into a release without rigorous testing just to get some money in from the Pro version or the team just didn’t understand the finer points of the code. All I see is the results.

    Amongst the many issues I have set the the “To: Files” “Number of files to keep in folder.” to a specific number that BackWPup/BackWPup PRO now just ignores. I have used this in previous versions with great success. Now it looks like the default value cant be overridden from the gui. This gives the effect that all disk space is used by huge numbers of un-nessessary backup copies. Causing mail to fail, great for an e-commerce site and the the sites to fail or be drawn up in an uggly way.

    This has caused my clients disruption to their business sites, anger and frustration. OUCH!!!!

    To have to wright this type of review is a real waste of life.

    If BackWPup/BackWPup Pro were s wine I would NOT recommend that it be laid away for further development and maturation. It should just be laid down and forgotten.

    Especially if you need a solution you, yours and your business needs to trust and depend on.


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  • Plugin Author Daniel Hüsken



    we have fixed the problem with the number of files. It was not easy to find. In the many tests we made that is noticed. Sorry.

    Plugin Author Alex Frison


    @brenton, can you give us a short feedback, if the newest version is working fine on your client websites? We are very sorry for the inconvenience you had.

    @brenton, I am developing a site for our Down Syndrome not for profit and would also like your feed back on these gentlemens’ new updates. Thank you.

    Hello All,
    Sorry folks but the status from me was:

    1. Customers business were down.
    2. My business was at risk.
    3. The ongoing support for BackWPup seems to have been compromised on an ongoing basis
    4. The issue above was not our only issue and needs to be seen in the overall light of the range of problems that occurred in the move to 3.X.X
    5. Given the above 4 points what would be the assessment of the business and technical groups that are responsible for the product moving forward?

    The solution for a critical business issue took 1 month.

    As a business person rather than a hobbyist I look for integrated solutions and business my customers and can I trust to work thoughtfully and with quality.

    Given all that I am sure you can understand that I would not spend further time testing releases.

    When trust is broken …..

    Sad that a great product, that I heartily recommended, was stuffed up.

    I wish the team the very best for the future.


    Plugin Author Alex Frison


    @MaximusUniveral, just FYI the problems he mentioned are fixed.

    @brentonggill, I can understand your frustration and as we mentioned we fixed the problems. With Version 3 we did a whole rewrite and since the Plugin relies a lot on the server, we couldn’t catch all bugs immediately, because every server is set up differently.

    As Daniel mentioned it was not easy to fix it, because we had to rely on customer information what the problem might be.

    Sorry we have broken your trust, but we hope to get it back sometime.

    Have a great day!


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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