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    Please watch this 5min screen capture video for a description of what I am experiencing and the settings I’m using.

    In Brief, this is the issue..

    Before updating to version 3.1 of the (now renamed) Vixy YouTube Embed plugin for WP, every page that was using it is now unable to play the videos or youtube playlists I had originally assigned. They were all working just fine before the update.

    There’s also the (older) issue – which I reported to you several months back; where you said you would fix it in the next update. Unfortunately, I think you may have forgotten.

    Please get back to me, as I must get everything working again.
    Thanks so much far any help you can provide.

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  • The only thing that changes in 3.1 that may have affected your output is the video quality option. What happens if you switch this option off?

    What was the older issue? As you’re probably aware we’ve taken this over from the previous developer so may not be aware of the earlier request.


    Yes – I think this issue hails back to the previous developer; which was never resolved; but with some newly discovered wrinkles now added.

    Let me address these by first saying your plugin has great potential, and is the best i’ve found. However, until the issues discussed below are finally addressed, I will be unable to continue using it. It’s my hope that one day these issues will be taken care of, so I can use it once again.

    I kept it all this time because I frankly lost track of this project for awhile, as it’s a personal website of mine, and I had been dealing with client concerns in other (paid) projects. But now that I am able to give it a little time again – and since these issues were never addressed by the last developer – I must (for the time being) revert back to using YouTube’s embed code instead.

    These are the issues..

    1. Most Recently – none of my YouTube playlists will work with your plugin; giving a message that the video is not available at this time. Although I can build a playlist directly from within WP with your plugin, I am not able to use playlists hosted from YouTube.

    2. Ongoing – Full Screen mode does not work.

    3. Ongoing – Go to YouTube (in the upper right hand corner) does not work either.

    Since most of my videos are best viewed in HD resolution in full screen mode, unless these features are available and work, there’s no advantage for me in using your plugin.

    I appreciate that you are the new responsible party now, and will need some time to address these three issues; and it’s my hope that if they are ever dealt with ‘you will let me know.

    Thank you.

    We’re sorry you’re experiencing the issues and we’re happy to look into these further.

    With regard to your 3 issues…

    1. Did you try, as suggested, switching off the video quality option? Did this make a difference?

    2. and 3. We cannot re-create this issue. If you see the video at we are using the plugin and, like yourself, the IFRAME embeds. Both of these options work for us. If you can provide a screenshot of the profile and options screens we can attempt to re-create with the same parameters as yourself. Alternatively, if you point us to a web page where these options are not working then we can look at the code to see which options you’re using and re-create it that way.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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