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  1. zakoops
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Custom Taxonomies for posts and pages.

    If not, pages should also be tagged and categorized.

    Menu manager - maybe of the kind we find in the administrative panel of the Display theme (see it here).

  2. SteveKeen
    Posted 6 years ago #

    This is my first post re WordPress, but I run a very successful site with it (www.debtdeflation.com/blogs) which gets about 150,000 visitors a month and has over 3,000 members who post up to 500 comments per blog entry.

    This isn't to brag so much as to frame my dilemma: when I reply to a comment I would like to identify which comment I am replying to.

    I have installed the "Paginated Comments" plugin which lets my readers see both comment numbers and only have to scroll past no more than 50 comments to make a reply--which is very useful.

    But when I want to reply through the "Edit Comments" page, I don't see the numbers for the comments, just the commenter's details--as in:

    "Steve Keen

    It would help enormously if the info included the number of the comment being made, as in:

    "Steve Keen
    Comment # 441"

    This may have already been suggested here--I certainly hope it has! If so my apologies for not reading all previous posts.

    A word of thanks to the developers: this is a fantastic piece of software that only gets better with time.

  3. wlindley
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Please support post status "private" and "draft" for attachments.

    This would be handy when a client keeps changing their mind about which photos to use -- you don't really want to delete attachments, merely indicate which ones you want displayed.

    If you manually write SQL to set an attachment to "draft" (since the Media manager gives you no way to do this), the WP admin screens give no indication, and also seemingly get confused and show picture size=0.

    My Autonav plugin already supports non-published attachments (where post_status is not "inherit") and it would be wonderful if WP did too.

  4. SimonJ
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Ok, here are my suggestion.

    I now only use wordpress Mu and I work as a web magazine director, just to say that I spend my whole days in the wordpress kitchen for years now... :-)

    [1] I totaly add my vote for the domain mapping feature for blogs.

    [2] One thing I always wanted to have in wordpress Mu is a kind of "default settings interface" where you can adjust ALL the default settings for new blogs. By all I mean "all", i.e. Media sizes, permalinks structure, etc.

    [3] On the same topic, I always wanted to have an "update all blogs settings interface" where I can change all the settings for every blogs. Or better : a "check list" form where I can choose wich blog to update. Here again, by "all", I mean All...

    [4] Custom fields... I would like to have all the fields on the edit post screen once they are created, not in a drop down list... Or better, an option to choose if a custom field should always be visible outside the dropdown list.

    I often use custom fields for differents information about an article that we always use (photo credit for instance)...

    Or even better! A way to make some custom fields updated when we update post with no need to press the update custom field button itself.

    And in my crazyest dreams, I would like to choose if a custom field should only be visible for the admin, and not for the authors!

    [5] A "search all blogs" feature in wordpress itself, not in a plugin.

    [6] A possibility to merge all the blogs, or some choosen blogs in a common RSS feed.

    [7] Another attribute for blogs, not just "public", "adult" and "spam"... I would like to have some kind of "club select", for some featured blogs.

    [8] Not so urgent in my point of view, but I think it will be important in a near future : A multi-database feature supported by auttomatic and the wordpress team.


    Thats it. Keep on the good work. We choosed wordpress 5 years ago and I'm sure now we made the best possible choice for our web magazine.



  5. Edified
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Start by dragging the comment system out of 1999.

    For starters at least provide a standard way to handle ajax comments. I have to a leave the page to leave a comment? Are you kidding me? This is easily the most visibly kludgy part of the wordpress frontend.

    Probably the most sought after plugin/theme feature as well.

  6. Jen
    Community Organizer
    Posted 6 years ago #

    The scope of 3.0 has been decided, as of the 1/7/10 dev chat in IRC, which took into account how many people requested various features in this thread. 3.0 will include:

    • The merge with MU (but not the extra domain stuff, which will remain plugin territory for this version)
    • Better support for custom post types
    • New default theme
    • Better menu management (time permitting)

    Thanks to everyone who weighed in on this thread to help determine the scope of version 3.0!

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