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    Per the post at we will be attempting to set a defined scope for version 3.0, and stick to it. Use this thread to discuss features for inclusion, and which features you think are most important to have in core vs. a plugin. Bear in mind that version 3.0 is when MU functionality will come into core, so WordPress will support running multiple blogs/sites from one installation, and that merge is in itself a big project. If you could only pick *one* other feature, what would it be?

    Here are some of the ideas that have been discussed for 3.0 before… the list is clearly too long, but it will give you an idea of what’s been proposed or pushed before:

    Easy blog menu management, dynamic image resize/crop, media upload UI redesign (begun in 2.9 but postponed for implementation due to technical issues), photo albums, custom content type UI and API, supercharging queries (cross-taxonomies), categories/tags for pages, auto-taxonomy UI, custom fields UI (possibly to be registered by themes or plugins for something to be displayed), settings UI redesign, improve the upgrade process (inc. distros for specific use types), SVN awareness, canonical plugins and a UI for displaying them, plugin page redesign, themes UI redesign, comments UI touchup, decouple language updates and files, new default theme, choose your own start page, caps lock detection, accessibility admin theme, mobile admin theme, synching custom fields > taxonomies, exif refresh, role management simplification, credits page in app, default custom types (microblog, galleries, asides), admin bar, front end comment moderation, front end posting (a la P2), better importers, widget installer, importer installer, more inline documentation, built-in “Welcome to WordPress” guide for 1st time admin use/checklist (set settings, add profiles, set up comment options, dashboard modules, add widgets, pick a theme, etc) with ability to dismiss as you move through, better help tab, more template tags, better zone selector, new code editor, XSL for RSS feeds (pretty feeds), bulk user creation (lazy load importer?), below post widgets, image importing, HTML validation, customizable comment form, Twitter and Flickr importers, WordPress capitalization catcher, configurable QuickPress configurable (add categories), more dashboard modules, easy linking to internal content when writing new content in editor, audit of error messages and updating them to be clearer revisions for custom fields and taxonomies… the list is endless, really, because there are so many cool things we could do. But which ones *should* we do? And specifically, which should we do in 3.0? Discuss!

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  • BY FAR my #1 want is to have “Custom content type UI and API” which of course imply flexible URL routing for custom content types.

    My #2 would be “Custom fields UI (possibly to be registered by themes or plugins for something to be displayed.”

    I’m working on a plugin for #1 and might be able to also implement #2. If inclusion of #1 and #2 would be based on having someone to do the work please ask. I feel strongly it will have most value once its in the core and theme and plugin developers can leverage said functionality.

    1. I have over 1100 posts in my blog. I would like a back end graphical interface that would allow me to organize them so I could determine whether there are better ways to present them thematically for readers. At present, my only method is to print them out and move paper around on a huge table.
    2. I would like to be able to explore a new theme’s back end and try it out without changing it for readers until I am ready.



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    @demetris: I’m sorry you found the list frivolous. It’s actually not my own list, it’s the list that was generated at the core commit team meetup when we started talking about the roadmap. We wanted to make a list of all the things people have discussed doing over the next few releases so we’d be able to prioritize them in context before we tried to pick things for specific releases.

    As for not making it an ordered/unordered list… I didn’t want my post to be a million screens long, and since it was really just a braindump, I don’t see it the same way as you, I guess. Putting them in a bulleted list implies a hierarchy that a sentence format does not, and my intent was to avoid introducing an implicit/biased ranking of features, so that people could jump right into their own opinions. I’ve never been offended by the way someone chooses to style their own text (except maybe all caps), as long as the words themselves are not insulting.


    thanks for your post, Jane!

    I would definitely like the “Canonical Plugins” be introduced more with WP 3.0. This would an advantage that all other possible features discussed here could benefit from: They could be developed as a Canonical Plugin (if that is possible already, without further hooks, filters or other stuff).
    This would be a great advantage in the future, because features that do not get voted to be worked on for a specific release then, could in parallel be worked on as a Canonical Plugin.

    And a question regarding your post: You talk about “features” and “feature requests”. How shall “enhancements” (i.e. small things like an additional hook/filter or function parameter, or …) be handled? Do they also have to be agreed upon before the dev cycle?

    Thanks and best wishes!

    1. Custom Fields/Field types with an easy-to-use back end – currently you can have custom fields but it is too confusing for me to ask my clients to use it. A good example of what i mean is, a competitor, Brandon Kelly’s FieldFrame for Expression Engine.

    2. Easy to customize wysiwyg editor (so I can create custom styles that my client can then choose from a drop down)

    3. Skeleton Default theme

    4. Have the docs for the template tags easily findable (hard to miss) from

    Thanks for the fantastic product!

    * my first concern is about wp and wpµ merge and impact on ressources and performances (wp is going bigger and bigger…).
    * my second choice is : fix the bugs first !
    * my third choice is : An agenda sticking to this simple principles :
    _ Three ‘new features’ release or version per year (april, september, december 15th), stick to these dates and postpone unstable new features.
    _ all other intermediate releases for bug fixes only


    1. better “link manager”.
    2. control the define('EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 30 ); from admin settings pannel.
    3. control the define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 3); from admin settings pannel.

    I think that the whole WordPress should be conceived as a framework. I love the flexibility of Drupal (given mainly by the CCK and Views contributed modules) but it has a high learning curve and some stuff is unnecessarily complex, so I would like to see more of the good stuff implemented under the easiness on WordPress (it can save the necessity of a lot of plugins, which creates custom types in unrelated ways), like making everything made as part of an preconceived API instead of creating too much features for each one. Like, by now the pages, posts and attachments are all “content types” but seems that each one is from an of independent nature. I think they all must share a same API so one can customize (or delete) them and create new stuff with all their fields from scratch (instead of just creating an API to make content types in a “post” sense).

    Also, the fields must be conceived in a more “generic” way; I don’t think is necessary to have a pre-built “post thumbnail” field to add to custom content types because that’s too specific, but rather a generic “upload file” field that one can customize to have the same functions of the post thumbnail field or other potential uses (podcasting, etc.). Obviously, it should still appear as a “post thumbnail” field in the post content type with the default install, but you may get the idea.

    My only feature request is to make sure that the WP Mu -> WP conversion is smooth and that the new default is well tested and well coded before release. These are two very major additions to the software and should be given a much higher priority for development than anything else IMO.

    Donnacha’s suggestion sounds good too, although I suspect that might be a little too complex for 3.0.

    I’d love to see custom write panels to expand on the CMS ability of WP. Similar to the Flutter plugin, but factored into the core and without the bugs.

    Definitely a re-worked registration system. – Guys, we should really stop sending passwords in plain-text! And I double the thoughts for onboard spam-registration prevention. In other words, a WordPress 3.0 needs an overhaul of our registration system (secure and plugable).

    Here are two example tickets that address these issues: 2870 (open since 2006 or WP 2.0.4) and 10006.

    Another useful feature would be a mobile theme (not only for iphones, but also for other platform like e.g. Android) in the backend.

    I agree with donnacha. It would be great to see multiple domain support from the 3.0 merge. I currently have 3 domains I manage and it’s a pain to maintain them all separately.

    Now on to the requests.

    1. Categories for “Pages”.
    2. Give an option for removal of the category base from the URL. Currently using the plugin “WP No Category Base”.

    3. Some sort of Loop Wizard would be nice. I use WordPress for a CMS and not for a blog. My home pages are always customized. Finding _quality_ themes with custom loops built-in is hard to do. Having a Wizard-like menu system to build a custom loop (and then copy/paste code to theme) would be a great addition.



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    Domain mapping – Donncha’s WordPress MU Domain Mapping has been around for a while. Current version supports domain mapping for both subdomain and subdirectory WPMU installations. As for what can be done with your WPMU installation, you can be only limited by your imagination and I would say, by your server.

    Oh, I hope it’ll be have downgrade for wordpress . If lastest version have some bug & problem , we can downgrade wordpress to previous version . I’m 60th comment , hihi

    in no particular order of preference …

    +1 = single core install serving multiple domains/sites for easier maintenance and admin
    +1 = domain mapping
    +1 = improved, faster-to-load-and-run admin theme/backend
    +1 = admin bar (cross-domain AND multi-blog in MU AND classic WP)
    +1 = admin configurable registration features (anti-spam / anti-splog / email verify / IP record / anti-bot)
    +1 = admin customisable registration screen with compulsory extra fields (e.g. state and country – can be used with IP capture/locale as anti-troll/splogger alert system, could then be referred to by Akismet for even more accurate spam identification)
    +1 = email verification at registration info change by user
    +1 = NO plain text password transmission or storage
    +1 = admin control panel setting for post revision count & empty trash period
    +1 = categories for pages

    My own wish – easy per-category themes/child-themes using the new template tags from WP 2.7-2.9 – might have to appear as a plugin first, to gain traction though.


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