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  • Per the post at we will be attempting to set a defined scope for version 3.0, and stick to it. Use this thread to discuss features for inclusion, and which features you think are most important to have in core vs. a plugin. Bear in mind that version 3.0 is when MU functionality will come into core, so WordPress will support running multiple blogs/sites from one installation, and that merge is in itself a big project. If you could only pick *one* other feature, what would it be?

    Here are some of the ideas that have been discussed for 3.0 before… the list is clearly too long, but it will give you an idea of what’s been proposed or pushed before:

    Easy blog menu management, dynamic image resize/crop, media upload UI redesign (begun in 2.9 but postponed for implementation due to technical issues), photo albums, custom content type UI and API, supercharging queries (cross-taxonomies), categories/tags for pages, auto-taxonomy UI, custom fields UI (possibly to be registered by themes or plugins for something to be displayed), settings UI redesign, improve the upgrade process (inc. distros for specific use types), SVN awareness, canonical plugins and a UI for displaying them, plugin page redesign, themes UI redesign, comments UI touchup, decouple language updates and files, new default theme, choose your own start page, caps lock detection, accessibility admin theme, mobile admin theme, synching custom fields > taxonomies, exif refresh, role management simplification, credits page in app, default custom types (microblog, galleries, asides), admin bar, front end comment moderation, front end posting (a la P2), better importers, widget installer, importer installer, more inline documentation, built-in “Welcome to WordPress” guide for 1st time admin use/checklist (set settings, add profiles, set up comment options, dashboard modules, add widgets, pick a theme, etc) with ability to dismiss as you move through, better help tab, more template tags, better zone selector, new code editor, XSL for RSS feeds (pretty feeds), bulk user creation (lazy load importer?), below post widgets, image importing, HTML validation, customizable comment form, Twitter and Flickr importers, WordPress capitalization catcher, configurable QuickPress configurable (add categories), more dashboard modules, easy linking to internal content when writing new content in editor, audit of error messages and updating them to be clearer revisions for custom fields and taxonomies… the list is endless, really, because there are so many cool things we could do. But which ones *should* we do? And specifically, which should we do in 3.0? Discuss!

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  • One thing I’d really like to see is a better back-end. Theme-able as well. My settings and tools tab are full of links from plugins. I’d really like them to be listed alphabetically rather than randomly by which plugins are installed first or however it does it now.

    I really like plugin authors that put a link next to the activate/deactivate link for the settings/options. I’d like to make this mandatory for plugins that do have settings/options. Many times when I activate a new plugin I have to go on a Snark Hunt to find out where the settings and even the viewing pages are.

    Would it be possible to have an API key for Akismet sent automatically for each install rather than forcing people to register at the website?

    All minor changes but huge frustrations.

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    @youngmicroserf – pulling data from multiple blogs? Yep, easier ways to do that in mu, currently via plugins.

    @lokrin2000: I agree that retrieval of API key for Akismet could be simplified – e.g. enter email and get your key (if you have one) or new one (if you do not have it).



    I have a saying. There’s a tiny step from “feature rich” to “bloated”. Simplify it, make it fastloading, implement more plugins (the ones that are the most used), remove features that are not used.

    Keep the admin theme, don’t change it (maybe small tweaks). Don’t change what people are used to.

    Suggestion for now: set up an “i want” list on UserVoice!

    How about having an Incoming Links dashboard widget that actually works?

    Releasing 2.9 with it not working was a bit rubbish, if you keep it in 3.0 and it still doesn’t work it’ll look as if you don’t give a damn.



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    WordPress 3.0 Merge of WP and WPMU Christmas wishlist

    A. Implementation of the top-requested feature in your poll way back – native photo gallery. My wish – set up with ability to enable or disable sharing album with other users of the installation so the latter can use photo in posts

    B. Enable or disable multiple blogging system.
    1. If some users would like to keep their current single blog set-up and hosting plan, there’ll be no ripples.
    2. If users choose to go multiple blogs with or without domain mapping, and/or with BuddyPress and bbPress – Highlight requirements or realities of multiple blogs in WP 3.0 installation in readme.txt and Codex, especially with respective Hosting Plans.
    – Need to build a list of WPMU/WP 3.0 tested Hosting Providers – multiple blogs require higher bandwith and hard disk space among many others.
    – installation of WPMU with GoDaddy requires upgrade to the Deluxe Hosting plan, purchase of a dedicated IP address, use PHP5 (which is good), adding a wildcard record to A (Host)for new blogs, among others
    – Never heard of WPMU installed with Yahoo hosting.
    – some more to follow

    I believe there was talk of this a for 2.9, but a better easier to manage in post/page gallery for pictures would be great. With features like drag and drop reordering and an easier way add photos to existing galleries would be excellent! I can make it work for my means but my clients find it rather cumbersome to use at times.

    A problem that has hovered over WPMU like a bad smell for years but which has never been satisfactorily resolved is MULTIPLE DOMAINS. Wave after wave of new user, upon discovering MU, have asked what seems to be a natural question: “How can I give each of my blogs their own domain, but still manage them from one central installation?” and, time after time, they have been told “That isn’t what MU is for!”.

    That is true, MU was always been geared towards large organisations such as universities who want to offer blogs to their students, all under one domain, but that fact has not stopped tens of thousands of users hoping that it might be a solution to the ridiculous problem of having to manage and update multiple installations of WP.

    Now that WP and MU are merging, that shining ideal, of using just one installation, is going to occur to even more people and the forums will be awash with desperate pleas for a solution that works. At the moment, they are forced to wade through an endless maze of ancient forum threads and contradictory blog posts, pointing to an array of half-working plugins and core hacks that haven’t worked since 2.3.

    Rather than continuing to bat these requests into the undergrowth, official multiple domains capability should be added to the core as soon as possible, ideally at the same time as the MU merge. The number of people using WP is increasing but it would also promote growth if it was easier for each user to run multiple WP sites (with the side-benefit that easier upgrading will decrease the number of insecure WP installations).

    If Drupal and practically every other CMS can do it, surely WP should be able too?

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    In 2010 default theme:

    1. option for adding code for addsense, etc. (without the need for a plugin for plugins are generally not kept uptodate.).

    2. option for two columns sidebar (without plugins).

    I am really impressed with wp!

    • Better multiple domain support from MU – including subdomain support like ‘www’
    • Cleanup of MU’s interfaces – I recently started using it and it’s confusing as hell compared to the rest of wordpress
    • Better media support for pictures and videos – but mainly pictures
    • some refactoring of the database to improve it’s performance and scalability – a little cleanup could go a *LONG* way

    @donnacha: Hear, hear!

    I, for one, have actually converted a few no-longer-in-use WordPress sites to static HTML just because I got tired of maintaining yet another WP installation just so I can continue allowing comments on old posts. I’d love to keep all this functionality alive but not at the cost of adding another installation to maintain. True multi-domain support in WordPress is long overdue.

    Getting the wp-login.php under theme will be of great help to all those who use WP as a CMS.

    +1 for Multiple domain support in WP core (post merger with MU)

    oauth for Subscriber role using facebook or twitter credentials

    so in short: social features by connecting people and making one’s weblog as important as platform as twitter or facebook by connecting those platforms

    I would love to see customizable registration form in wordpress 3.0 where admins would be able to define whether new users can choose their own password while registering or not. Also give admins the ability to add custom registration fields and the data should be editable through the profile page. I know that this can be done using the register plus plugin but I think it’s so important and necessary that it should be included in core, besides this plugin has some major bugs, for example the password reset function doesn’t work any more for me once the plugin is active.

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