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  • Well, Version 3 of my site is officially compatible with IE. Or at least I think, if anyone has any problems let me know. There is probably some tuning that can be done – so that will happen when I get the time.
    On another note, I’d love to hear some feedback from those who have graduated and well, employed, or looking for a job. Feel free to drop in your opinions here:
    (Lots of great CO pictures are floating around from this month too… if your interested)

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  • Well you have the traditional bulging comment input box spilling over into your menu by a mile but otherwise it looks cool to me.

    User “willneea” on this forum gave a bit of useful advice about styling: He said style for the gecko browsers and hack for IE. That’s what I’ve started doing. But of course, old habits are hard to break! The site looks great in the browsers I have for testing (IE6, NS7, O7, Avant, Firefox). Nice, clean design!

    I used to hack for IE, but it’s pretty easy to break standards. So I prefer to give a little here and there, rather than make a huge mess of my code.

    Well there is no need to break standards to accomodate IE. A few workarounds, but nothing serious. On the other hand if you just do not like IE then ……… 🙂

    The thought of just completely ignoring IE crossed my mind. Why do you think it took me three weeks to get around to spending 30 minutes making my site work with it? 😉

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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