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  • I’m getting ready to take on the challenge of getting this plugin updated in the coming months. The overarching goal of the release will be to bring the entire codebase up to more modern development standards. Refactoring the code now will help see this plugin into the next several years (it’s nearing a decade old now).

    3.0.0 overview

    You can read the 3.0.0 overview on GitHub, which outlines what the goals are for this major release.

    Ideas and feature requests

    Now, while it’s early, is a good time to request any features you have in mind. I can make no guarantees, but I’d love to hear any feedback you may have.

    Also, here’s a list of existing tickets, features, and issues already slated for 3.0.0.

    Sponsoring development

    Version 3.0.0 is going to take many development hours. I’ll have a post up soon (likely next week) with more details. But, if you might be interested in donating or sponsoring this release, let me know. I’m going to reach out to some of the bigger WP business that I know.

    The release is going to happen regardless. It’s more a matter of how much time I can spend on development vs. having to pick up client work to put food on the table.

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  • Hi Justin,

    I would thank you for this great plugin and valuable efforts that you’ve done, and I’m very excited to try your new update soon. I have one idea that will make your plugin even greater if you don’t mind.

    Control the admin dashboard menus’ items visibility: suppose I need editors to have access to Widgets only in the Appearance menu, so it will be great to be able to hide Themes, Menus, Customize, … from the Appearance menu, and keep Widgets sub-menu only accessible for them.

    So, you can add a new “Menus” tab beside “Roles” and Capabilities tabs [as I see in your screenshot], this tab will list all the available menus and sub-menus with a checkbox for each that shows or hides this item for a selected role. Or add as a new entry “Menus” to the capabilities list, before the “Custom” enrty for example.

    That’s it, and wish you all the best,

    Hi Justin,

    Congratulations on the new job! But iust wondering if v3.0 still going to happen now?


    Thread Starter Justin Tadlock


    @menathor – Thanks.

    A new version of the plugin will happen. Of course, things have changed a bit since I took a new job. The “not knowing what will happen” aspect of that kind of sucks from the plugin user perspective. But, I promise the plugin will not be abandoned.

    I’ve got some news about the future of the plugin that I hope I am able to share soon. Y’all just hang in there a little while longer. 🙂

    Thread Starter Justin Tadlock


    For those of you out of the loop, I have transferred ownership of the Members plugin to a new owner. Members is now a part of the Caseproof/MemberPress family, which you can read about here:

    You can also read my thoughts here:

    Thank you for all the support and feedback over the years. It’s been an awesome ride.

    Blair and his team at MemberPress are aware of feedback you have provided about the future of the plugin. I look forward to seeing where they are able to take it in the upcoming years.

    @uberfoto I was coming up against the same issue you brought up (i.e. syncing roles across a multisite network). Here’s the solution I’m using. In the minimal testing I’ve done, it seems to be working for me. I’m not sure how it’d perform on larger networks.

    // Sync roles across multisite network by hooking to Members plugin (
    add_action( 'members_role_updated', function() {
       if ( function_exists( 'get_sites' ) && class_exists( 'WP_Site_Query' ) ) {
          $roles = get_option( 'wp_user_roles' );
          $sites = get_sites( array( 'fields' => 'ids' ) );
          foreach ( $sites as $site_id ) {
             update_blog_option( $site_id, 'wp_' . $site_id . '_user_roles', $roles );
    } );

    Turns out, what I thought to be working, isn’t–yet. I’ll post an update when I might have this operational. 😞

    Content Permissions works good, but It would be great If the the setting could exclude automatically menu items linked to the pages restricted by ( If current user can not see such page, he will not see a related front-end menu item too.)

    I’m super confused. What happened to this plugin? Did it get sold? @greenshady are you no longer involved? Is the plugin changing? It seems to still be working but apparently now has a new name and new contributors?

    UPDATE: Nvm, somehow I missed the most recent comments here. That’s a shame, hopefully it continues to work.

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