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  • I guess I need to do my WordPress research. I’m just curious how things work. I realize it’s free which is great, but why would a version that completely destroys my website be released? Now I’m either going to have to spend several hours trying to find workarounds & fixes or restore/backup my entire site. That blows.

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  • Shouldn’t take very long to roll it back. Certainly not more than a few minutes at best. Just use the backup you made right before you tried to upgrade.

    I upgraded to 2.9 last night and tonight my photoblog missed it’s scheduled post for some strange reason, and i tried to change the time, but it wouldn’t post, i had to redo the whole thing, now i’ve got scheduled posts until march 2010, if i have to redo every post i will be very angry… is this a bug?

    also, i just wanted to say, that even tho i have my timezone and daylight savings entered right in my general settings, my blog posts an hour early, so it had some kind of bug before this, but posting an hour early is better than not posting at all…

    Unbelievable that such a faulty upgrade could be released. After looking at the blank screen for some time and reading the Installation forum I ended up installing 2.8.5 (2.8.6 would not unzip) and moving image and sound folders from the old install. Still haven’t got Comments, Pages or the Postings Calendar working.

    Very shoddy programming made even more infuriating by their smug blurb announcing the upgrade. Enough to make me try Blogspot.

    No problems with updating to 2.9 at all.

    However – if the Hello Dolly plugin alone was not annoying enough – now there are smartass quotes in the dashboard? What are you guys thinking?
    It’s not smart, it’s not funny, it’s not cool – just an unnecessary annoyance, that’s there to stroke someone’s ego.

    now my photoblog has just dissapeared, internal server error, i tried to hit ‘edit’ on a post and now it’s all gone, i have noooo idea what to do!!!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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