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  • I am experiencing a similar but separate issue. As soon as I upgraded to AAM 2.9, all of my featured images would no longer show. As soon as I disabled the plugin, my featured images show as expected.

    Same problem here.
    Started at the update of the AAM plugin.
    Had to deactivate.

    Same issue here. It looks as if it is rewriting all my images URL with the following:
    All my thumbnails and pictures are changed to thumbnail size. Which make them look all pixelated and blurry.

    I haven’t got the AAM Media extension which seems to be linked with this feature.
    Please provide fix asap.

    Experiencing the same issues with the aam_media URL. Please fix ASAP!

    Seems to also happen since 2.8.6

    Yes, please, this is breaking my site!

    Same problem.
    Images disappear from site, still on server but media Library shows only empty squares.
    Deactivating this plugin solves the images problem.
    Help please.

    Same problem. Deactivate.

    Yep same problem here images are not showing up at all.

    Same issue.

    For those looking for a quick fix, simply download and rollback to version 2.8. You can find previous versions here:

    Actually ignore my last post, update to 3.0 master here:

    That should resolve the issue πŸ™‚

    Just updated to version 2.9 advanced-access-manager It is breaking my sites.
    1. Warning: Missing argument 2 for AAM_Extension_Activities::editPost()plugins/advanced-access-manager/extension/AAM_Activities/extension.php on line 65
    output of xdebug_var_dump

    11	0.8415	4349392	call_user_func_array ( )	../plugin.php:503
    12	0.8415	4349432	AAM_Extension_Activities->editPost( )	../plugin.php:503

    2. Causes all wp_get_attachment_***() methods to return /wp/index.php?aam_media=13833' instead of the proper url or link.
    3.AAM deactivated the site works!

    Updating to 3.0 master didn’t work. The plugin version is not ready, there are no config options and no access rules were inherited from 2.9 so upgrading to 3.0 was the same than having the plugin disabled. πŸ™

    Make sure you disabled the old version of the plugin after putting on the master. Granted it’s a quick fix but it should work.

    If you can’t access your admin panel for some reason login via FTP and find the AAM folder and changed to AAMNAME_OLD and leave only the AAM Master folder

    roll back to 2.8.5 solved the problem

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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