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  • In the WordPress how to documents ( for page templates it says:

    WordPress can be configured to use different Page Templates for different Pages. Toward the bottom of the Write > Page administration panel (or on the sidebar, depending on which version of WordPress you are using) is a drop-down labeled “Page Template.” From there you can select which Template will be used when displaying this particular Page.

    However, in version 2.7, in my admin panel for editing pages, there is an option for parent pages, and an order value, but NO place to assign page template. Where is it, please?

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    In 2.7 Write > Page panel, the “Template” dropdown appears right under “Parent” dropdown in the Attributes section and right above “Page Order” on the right sidebar. The “Template” dropdown appears if you have created a Page Template and FTP/uploaded it to your theme’s folder in your server.

    Hmm, few discrepancies, first there is only “Add New” under both Page and Post menus. So in my admin (def. 2.7) it is Page > Add New, and on that panel there is no Template drop down anywhere, including not under the Attributes section. I have uploaded the template Home – unless it’s denoted differently now. I have this at the top of the page script:

    Template Name: home

    If that is the correct code for making the page (home.php) a template page, then it is still a mystery why no drop down menu appears with the templates listed… Appreciate some help.

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    What do you see in the Attributes section on that page?

    Here’s something suspicious – on my “Manage Themes” panel, it says:

    Current Theme by
    All of this theme’s files are located in .

    It is not giving out the author of the theme, or where the theme is sitting – the name of the directory, in my case /cognoblue.

    If WordPress has lost track of where my current theme is that might explain why it cannot find the templates available, since they are sitting in that directory. If that’s the case, how do I correct that??

    What I see on that panel is the Parent page drop down, and below that the Order number box.

    What I see in the Attributes panel for add new page is

    the parent page drop down
    the Order number box.

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    Did you upgrade from 2.6 to 2.7, or is this a fresh install of 2.7?

    If you upgraded, how did you do so (Manual file copy, Fantastico, core update plugin, etc)?



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    @jami1955 – rename you Home Template from home.php to something else like front.php. home.php will not have a dropdown in your Write – Page Panel because it is a special WordPress template file used by many themers as the ultimate dynamic “static” front page.

    After you rename your Home Template to front.php or something else, you will be able to see the drop down.

    I was making a theme this morning and it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t apply a template to a page. To fix, I activated the default WordPress theme and switched back to the one I was working on. After that the page templates I created decided to show up.

    YES!! jbrndt –
    you get the big cigar. I was thinking that I might try exactly that: activate the default WordPress theme and then switch back to the one I was working on – and that worked.

    Because mercime, I already had a different template in the theme directory other than home.php. And it was not showing up. Could this be considered a bug?? I believe so.. . oh, great wordpress powers that be, can you get that this is a bug, and needs fixing? Hear out prayers for others less fortunate than ourselves who will have to figure this out the hard way otherwise.

    thanks all.

    Thank you jbrndt and jami1955!

    I have been having this problem and your solution worked.


    I am having the same problem as jami1955 but this have not come from me creating a home template….. I made a google-search.php template and it has been working fine and still does … but today i decided to add another template for a store …. and now i cant find the template menu… not even on my google-search pages.
    What is the problem here?
    Does anyone got some tips?

    opps ….found this – Note: Sometimes it is necessary to switch to the WordPress Default Theme, then back to your theme, for the Template choices to appear!

    I had the same problem, but it’s not a bug according to the docs here – .

    If you read it carefully, it says…

    Note: when creating or editing a Page, the Page Template option does not appear unless there is at least one template defined in the above manner.

    So, it only displays the template dropdown if you have something other than the default. Drop an example empty template into your theme directory, and the dropdown will appear.

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