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  • When trying to log into wp admin, I only get a blank page after the 2.7 upgrade. Everything else works fine. Anyone else seen this problem?

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  • I have not seen the issue, but most of the time a blank page stems from not uploading all the WordPress files, or a plugin incompatibility.

    I’ll do another complete upload and see what happens. Thanks…

    No change after complete upload,,,,,very strange….

    This is what the browser is showing me in the browser address window after trying to log in:


    I got the exacly same problem.. Hope there is someone, who knows how to fix it.

    I’m having the same problem. I’m able to add posts using MarsEdit, but I can’t access the WordPress Admin. It seems I’m able to login, since the front end gives me “Edit” links on my posts, but the page is completely blank, with no source code, when that linked is followed.

    My server (Hostway) is using php 4 (PHP Version 4.3.10-22) so I’m wondering if I need to move to php 5.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Had to drop all my tables, install 2.7, and restore tables. Works fine now. Still not sure what happened. Might have been a corruption of some sore in one or more tables.

    what do you mean by “drop all tables” I am quite clueless about these things, so I would appreciate if you can tell me step by step…

    I have also same problem after update to version 2.7 the admin pages is blank page. I use as blogg host. I am afraid to do something wrong who crash my blogg, what is the recommendation from wordpress to solve this failure? I must update my blogg, so I must find a solution to solve the problem.

    How did you upgrade? If you upgraded manually, did you first deactivate all plugins? If so, then are you sure all the new source files got uploaded? If you were using a custom theme, did you upload it as well…that shouldn’t impact your admin view, but could impact the public view.

    Deactivate all Plugins if you have not done so before the upgrade. On an WordPress site I have the TeamSpeak Plugin is running which I always have to deactivate before login. Otherwise I get a white Page. You can manualy deactivate the plugins by renaming the folder of the plugin. Just add a 1 or something behind the name so you can change it back after being able to loging again.

    To drop the tables you have to login to phpmyadmin and do it in there. But be advised I would make a complete dump of all the tables. Either by exporting or by command line.

    mysqldump -u username -p wordpress_database > wordpress_database.out

    Replace username with acctual username and you need to know your password. Also replace the wordpress_database with the name of your Database.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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