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  • Frank, thanks for creating this really useful plugin!

    In the past, when I wanted to do a site-wide search and replace, I had to look up the syntax of the SQL query and take great care to enter the query correctly in phpMyAdmin. This plugin is so much faster and easier!

    I’d like to suggest two ways to improve the plugin:

    1. Please get rid of the fading text, especially from the information search results. I don’t want the results to go away! I want to be able to look at the results for as long as necessary until I’ve learned what I need to know.
    2. If there are 1,000 records in the information search results, please don’t show me all 1,000 records at once. My web browser can’t handle it. Please show the results 50 or 100 records at a time and let me view the next and previous pages when I’m ready.

    Because of these two issues, I still need to use phpMyAdmin for my information searches; however, I definitely prefer to use this plugin to do the actual search and replace.

    Thanks very much,

    Fred Chapman

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  • P.S. I just tried this plugin with the Coraline theme, and the information search results text doesn’t fade away to nothing like it does with the Atahualpa theme. It’s possible that issue #1 is theme specific.

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