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    The new User Registration password strength meter on latest Version 2.5.1 is a complete disaster, since updating to 2.5.1 many users complaining that the “register” button does not work,
    we found out that only “medium” & “strong” passwords are accepted in order fpr the register button to work, otherwise it is disabled, however no warning appears so the user knows what is happening if their passwords are “very wak” & “weak”
    Good luck to the customers trying to figure this out, WooCommerce must provide a functional solution to this problem asap.
    At least a warning?

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  • You might be able to change this by going into /assets/js/frontend/password-strength-meter.js and changing this line of code.

    EDIT again: Actually you’d change this one line of code.


    if ( 3 === strength || 4 === strength ) {
    				submit.removeAttr( 'disabled' );
    			} else if ( ! wrapper.hasClass( 'checkout' ) ) {
    				submit.attr( 'disabled', 'disabled' );


    if ( 3 === strength || 4 === strength || 2 === strength ) {
    				submit.removeAttr( 'disabled' );
    			} else if ( ! wrapper.hasClass( 'checkout' ) ) {
    				submit.attr( 'disabled', 'disabled' );

    You should make a backup of your website and be able to get into your website through SSH or FTP incase something goes wrong. Since its a JS file I think you should be fine modifying it. Test it out and see if it fixes it. I’m not sure if this would work. I haven’t reviewed WC 2.5.1 files yet. Also I’m not sure how long a password needs to be in order to not be classified as “short”. If you want short and maybe nullstring and mismatched passwords you’d add “|| 5 === strength” to that code.

    As for WC not telling people the passwords are too weak it could be bad javascript code or just something that needs to be fixed in WC.

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    Thanks for yor fast reply, i will check this later on today and report how it works, however this was not a smart move from WC.

    Thanks again,

    Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)


    I mentioned we’re adding a notice here, but for now you can disable it

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    This works both in the Checkoutpage and on the registration page on /my-account


    Hi. I looked for this snippet at
    and couldn’t found it. Has it changed in WooCommerce 2.5.2?
    I don’t want to suppress the hint, but allow user to decide to login even with a weak password. Could you give me a clue? I’m novice. Thanks!
    Plus, I’ve noticed strength vary from weak to very weak when I add more characters!

    A way to change the minimum strength requirement, but still keep the strength meter, and not let in Very Weak passwords, is to add the code from this script to your functions.php file, or to a plugin. It will keep the strength meter, and still enforce a minimum password strength, but you can reduce it to Weak (1) as the minimum, rather than Medium (2), or Strong (3).

    Thanks @bearfunction this worked great for me.

    But I would like to chime in here and say that this is kin of a hack.

    I would really appreciate if Woocommerce would support this by default and use the button “accept weak password” as WordPress core does.

    Sorry for re-opening this thread 🙂

    Is there a way to leave the meter to at least show the customer their password strength, but allow them to use any password they want?

    Apologize for re-opening this thread

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    Some wonderful person has created a plugin for this. Literally its only purpose is to disable the password strength requirement for woocommerce. Worked for me. Here’s the link:

    You’ll still see the “password too weak” message, but the register button can still be clicked.

    You can actually keep the warning messages, saying “Your Password is Weak”, but still allow users to register with any password.

    There are 5 different strength to return value indicates what strength you will allow a user to register with, if it is set to 0 a user can enter a single character as their password, so I would suggest setting to to _at least_ 1.

    add_filter('woocommerce_min_password_strength', function(){ return 1; }, 10);

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