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  1. jazfrench
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi everyone :)
    I'm having issues with adding media in version 2.5. It's the only problem I'm having, and I haven't yet tried to reinstall it just in case I'm doing something wrong and it's simple to fix.

    Basically, add media just doesn't work for me. I've tried switching from HTML to Visual and it doesn't make a difference. It behaves exactly the same regardless of if I'm using IE or FF.

    It won't allow me to just upload small normal jpg files and insert them into the box. Sometimes the popup freezes, other times it'll upload but just display a link saying "show" but clicking "show" doesn't do anything at all. The file seems to be there, but I can't display it, insert it, or view the url to try and c&p it into the "insert image url". "Insert image url" doesn't work at all either, it just won't insert images!

    I'm not sure why it is such a pain to have to load ftp and upload and then grab the url just to display a tiny image in my blog posts.
    Anyone have any solutions to this problem? Does anyone else have this problem?
    I also miss the ease of the thumbnail feature of 2.3.3. :-( Obviously I can't make thumbnails through wordpress admin anymore, I have to do it through an image editing program first, this is such a pain.

  2. mylife64
    Posted 7 years ago #

    You might check out this for some things to try..

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