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  • When the attributes are broken, the error message is :
    Warning : Invalid argument supplied for foreach () in
    /…/woocoomerce-core-functions.php on line 1499

    Hi David. I’m now sure that there’s a bug with attributes with version 2.3. I’ve tested with Safari and Firefox. The process is the following :
    – create a new product with its attributes
    – create a translation of this new products using the “+” button
    – click the button to save as a draft, click the button to replace the content with the original version then click the button to translate separately.
    For now, you’ve a translated product with a maximum of the informations of the original product (not all because the attributes which are choices-based are kept whereas I have to add again the attributes which are text-based).
    You publish the translated product and… you loose all the attributes except the last one. So you try to add the lost attributes, you publish and again, you loose them.
    I have downgraded to version 2.2 and the problem does not exist. When you publish the translated product, the attributes that exist in the form of the product are kept.
    Beware because if you change one thing in a existing translated product with version 2.3, you’ll loose silently its attributes.
    David, if you want an access to my site to check that, no problem, just contact me in a way that I can give you the required informations.
    Best regards.


    From the docs at

    Important notice #1: The synchronization is always relative to the original product , i.e. the product created in your site’s default language. Edits of any of the synchronized properties in the translated versions will be lost upon saving, because they are recopied from the original.

    Does this help?

    If you want us to test your site it’s better if you post it in our technical forum where we have a procedure set up so that you can give us your access details safely. (Please make sure to tag the post with ‘woocommerce’ so that we don’t miss it).

    Another thing: When you say ‘text based attributes’ do you mean ‘custom product attributes’ or (global) ‘Product->Attributes’ with ‘text’ instead of ‘select’?. We haven’t really tested the latter, and in fact I’m now checking a WooCommerce only (no WPML) test site and frankly I don’t know how they work. It turns out that they can be defined as taxonomies, you can add terms (i.e attribute values), etc. but then those terms do not show up in edit-product.

    If you mean, custom product attributes, they should be copied over to the translated product just fine. In the backend you’ll see the values in the original language always, but they are translated in the front end.

    More details in the documentation, that has had a major upgrade with this release.



    The notice does not help me. My translated product is first a duplicata to get the most of the content of the original product and then, I click on the button to be able to translate it separately so I should be able to change all what I want on the translated product. My problem with version 2.3 is that when I set my attributes (which are global attributes), either text-based (text) or choices-based (select), they are just resetted once the article is published (the attributes disappeared in the form of the article). With the version 2.2, the same process keeps the attributes. I really do not understand what is going wrong.
    Best regards.

    Hi there uscarsfrance,

    Have you tried it with latest versions? Can you tell us if your issue got solved? 🙂


    Hi Bernat. Sorry, this topic should have been closed by me a long time ago. I do not have any issue to report actually. Thanks for your follow up. Best regards.

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