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  • Hi Pedro, thanks for your fantastic plugin.

    I’ve been using it for several years and never had a problem until now. However, after this latest update to 2.03 I’m finding that the processing stops suddenly.

    The first time it stopped after processing about 200 images. I ran it again and then it stopped after around 360 images (I have around 18k images). Both times I noticed it happened shortly after a processing failure. It seems perhaps it is not properly recovering after encountering an error?

    I have reverted to v2.01 and that has reprocessed everything for me very quickly.

    Any ideas?

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  • I tried another run with v2.03 on a development machine. At image no. 646 it sent this error in the results:

    function (){if(l){var t=l.length;(function i(t){x.each(t,function(t,n){var r=x.type(n);"function"===r?e.unique&&p.has(n)||l.push(n):n&&n.length&&"string"!==r&&i(n)})})(arguments),n?o=l.length:r&&(s=t,c(r))}return this}

    then managed 3 more successful images before hanging there.

    I hope that’s helpful

    Plugin Author Pedro Elsner


    Hi @teedev
    Yes, thank you!!! =)
    Are your website running above windows or linux?

    Hi Pedro,

    The dev machine is OS X Mavericks with Apache and PHP 5.4.17
    Live server (it happens there as well) is Linux with Apache and PHP 5.3.27

    Again, 2.01 is going through with no issues.

    Also, while I have your attention – is there anyway I can regenerate all thumbs offline and then upload them to the l’ve server and have it work?

    I tried that but it didn’t work. Are there modifications made to the db with each regeneration?

    Processing 18k images takes about 4 hours offline but almost 3 days online 🙁

    Plugin Author Pedro Elsner


    @teedev please, send a email to
    I’m going to answer with a plugin’s test version.

    Plugin Author Pedro Elsner


    @teedev, please, answer me!
    I sent e-mail to you two days ago.

    Hi Pedro

    Sorry, I didn’t see that you had replied.

    Yes that was for 2.03 but as I said it processes several hundred before stopping. There is no pattern about when it stops but it seems to be a few processed images after it fails to process one. Sometimes it can fail to process several images and continue but then it will stop after one

    Sorry I can’t be any more help.

    i have a same error!! plz help me!

    Plugin Author Pedro Elsner


    Guys, i’m try with much servers and some OS versions (windows, linux and unix), but i can’t reproduce that errors…

    I’m look for it, please wait a little more

    Same issue here with 2.0.3

    Hi Pedro,

    I installed a new theme and I also got stuck with regenerating the images at 69%. I found that my retina logo from the old theme (the logo@2x.png) was causing the problem. I downloaded and then deleted the logo and ran the regeneration plugin successfully.

    I hope this is helpful and thanks for the great plugin.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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