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  • Version 2.0.21: nothing is fixed. Still high CPU usage, too many javascript conflicts (with default and other themes) – upload not working, media gallery not working, sometimes “Update” button is disabled after clicked on NGG button on edit post page, too many requests that slowdown website, too many queries, select albums on the page where you write posts is totally messed up (sometimes popup window goes outside screen after click on ngg button, album icons are totally nested) -> too many js conflicts and invalid .css property values.

    I really do not know what works when everything is broken…

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  • Interesting. Is this in the recent WP 3.6?

    I was searching for an alternative anyway, have you found one?

    I’m tired of testing NGG catastroversions
    My alternative now is “Cyclone Slider 2” at my site
    The Plugin has a migration option from existing NGG content.

    Yes, version is latest 3.6.

    The current “alternative” is the old version – 1.9.13, which works flawlessly.

    Unfortunately I have not found anything better.

    I tried this
    Better than NGG, but it’s flash.

    Also this is very nice:

    I understand this is the free version and all, but it’s pretty lame to have people rely on a plugin that you distribute and then you totally make it unusable.

    I tried latest release in clean brand new install of WP 3.6 and still have the same problems.

    My site won’t load at all when I have NextGen Gallery plugin activated. using Watson Theme by Foundry. This is so frustrating. I wish I’d never upgraded to 3.6. Everythign worked fine before that!

    jenx67, don’t worry man, it’s not wordpress 3.6 that’s messed up. Just NextGen Gallery. Everything else should still work fine.

    That IGuru. Is it ever going to work again? I have hours invested in NexGen. Ugh. If I move on to another plugin does anyone have any suggestions. I really love you, NexGen, but all these empty pages are killing my site.

    yes everything is still broken in the Version 2.0.21 for me as well, and no one replied to my forum question.
    it doesn’t really make sense to update a plugin just so it doesn’t work at all. if its not fixed soon, i will just switch all my sites off NextGen and find a plugin that actually works. i don’t have a very complicated gallery, i just want my thumbnails to be in a row, thats all and next gen can’t even do that now.

    I’m having 2 faults – one minor and one MAJOR
    1) Minor – when viewing an album with other albums embedded ( I get the standard message “no images were found” when trying to view the galleries.

    2) MAJOR – I just had to completely reinstall my whole site (including wiping the WHOLE database and starting clean) because the plugin is filling the options table with the following, thousands and thousands of times. Please advise how I stop this before it fills my database again or I need to write custom SQL scripts to clear it out manually:

    Full Texts 	option_id 	option_name 	option_value 	autoload
    Edit 	Delete 	378 	_transient_83cca243488109bf3e6af441c861fcfa 	O:8:"stdClass":19:{s:2:"id";N;s:6:"source";s:9:"ga... 	no
    Edit 	Delete 	379 	displayed_galleries_83cca243488109bf3e6af441c861fc... 	1 	yes
    Edit 	Delete 	380 	_transient_timeout_0e0e5cd1948d7d9a71a0ef80f407dda... 	1378772508 	no
    Edit 	Delete 	381 	_transient_0e0e5cd1948d7d9a71a0ef80f407ddab 	O:8:"stdClass":20:{s:2:"id";N;s:6:"source";s:9:"ga... 	no
    Edit 	Delete 	382 	displayed_galleries_0e0e5cd1948d7d9a71a0ef80f407dd... 	1 	yes

    @ebeamer it really breaks my heart that i have to post it (i love nextgen gallery), but as a developer i understand that some clients can’t wait forever. There is a “replacement” for simple gallery. WordPress media manager. Install those plugins and Then open wp-includes/media.php and edit lines 757-771 – just add you styles to the gallery. You can remove styles from media.php completely and add them to your template style.css. here is an example this works only for simple galleries with up to 200-300 pictures. more than that – it gets messy.

    Is anything going to be done to have this plug-in fixed ASAP?
    I wish I hadn’t updated this plug in today when I have people coming to my site to get their photos.

    This plug-in is severely broken in more than one way. They can’t expect people to honestly consider subscribing to the “pro” version when this one is handled so poorly.

    thanks. i tried to check my path in options for the lightbox, but not sure what the correct path should look like? my lightbox still isn’t working.
    ya i ended up using something else for the client that wanted a gallery today. i am just dreading having to edit 8 other sites that have galleries.

    thank you @toad75. yes i liked Next Gen too. sob.
    i am using the wordpress media gallery and will install that thick box. thanks!
    only thing is on one of my sites, i use different thumbnail sizes on different pages, so not all the same size, and i think in wordpress media gallery it is just all one standard size. i used to go size each gallery in next gen and really liked that feature. i hope it gets fixed back to the way it was. it was just fine before!

    DELETE FROM wp_options WHERE option_name LIKE '_transient_%' OR option_name LIKE 'displayed_galleries_%'

    Just in case someone needs to clean up their database before it corrupts it completely taking down the whole site in the process…

    Why not use the old version (1.9.13), which is stable and works perfectly, and forget to update for long time? Also, the old version can work long time without problems (unless wordpress developers make some drastic changes)…and only then you should think about updating or alternative.
    After all, you can disable version checks for a specific plugin by adding a few lines of code in functions.php of your theme.
    Not a perfect solution, but better than updating to broken and bad versions of plugin.

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