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Version 2.0.11 breaks wp_editor() function

  • Updating to Version 2.0.11 breaks the wp_editor() functionality.
    Specifically the Tabs Visual and Text. The Text tab is now selected by default and the Visual tab is no longer clickable. Also the javascript row of clickable icons are missing after updating.

    Verified by disabling only your plugin and wp_editor() visual and text tabs became clickable and icons return.

    I pretty much use the wp_editor() function for all front-end work for my sites. And have used your plugin with quite a few as well.

    I’m going to grab a beer and debug your hot mess with regards to the front-end functionality for my sites.


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  • Did you ever sort this out, I’m having the same problem.

    No I did not. I started searching for the annoying bit of the NextGen gallery and decided it would be faster to write my own gallery plugin. Plus I could add the features that I wanted: Each user gets their own gallery content area and cannot mess up anyone else’s. Admin can CRUD all images or narrow it down to individual editors.

    So not resolved, but avoided.

    Thanks for the quick response, That was my next thought as well. Time to role my own, unless your is open sourced 😉

    I will make it open sourced, right now it is a quick hack for a client. I’ll clean it up and release it, but not anytime soon. Working on three other projects right now. One to complete by end of 2013, next to complete by end of the week. Last one just prototyped.

    I had to ask.. Thx again.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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