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  • Resolved crashtest


    updated to latest version and got some problems:

    -after update widgets were gone, i had to configure new widgets
    -after this, “no items” message and no videos, no matter if “Try to fix No items error” was selected or not, this happens in playlist option

    gone back to the previous version and i had to configure new widgets again. Waiting for next improved version of this nice and useful plugin.

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  • Hi crashtest,

    Will be helpful to provide debug log from your WP, because w/o details (what was previous version, options selected), I could not know what is broken.

    Can you help?

    glad to help you if possible, where can i find that log?

    The previous version was 1.5.1, i have 2 widgets, here you can see the settings:

    View post on

    With version 2.0.0 i set the same, excluding the option “use playlist instead of channel” (not present in last version) and tried to select/unselect the privacy option in new version. Same results.

    At the bottom of page enable option “Enable debugging” and save widget. You’ll get textarea with debug log. Copy/paste that code here.

    Or, give me playlist ID’s here and URL to playlist on youtube.

    ok, i updated the plugin on a development site and enabled the debug, where can i send you the log?

    You can paste output here or to and provide URL here.

    for privacy reasons i deleted some data, you can link any playlist you want, i’ve already checked that the problem persists, no matter what playlist i link 😉

    server: Apache
    php: 5.3.3
    wp: 3.8.1
    ytc: 2.0.0
    url: ***********
    title: VIDEO
    channel: ***********
    vidqty: 6
    playlist: ***************
    use_res: 2
    cache_time: null
    only_pl: null
    getrnd: null
    maxrnd: 6
    goto_txt: null
    showgoto: null
    popup_goto: null
    showtitle: on
    showvidesc: null
    descappend: …
    videsclen: null
    width: 260
    height: null
    to_show: iframe
    autoplay: null
    controls: on
    fixnoitem: on
    ratio: 3
    fixyt: null
    hideinfo: on
    hideanno: on
    themelight: null
    debugon: on
    userchan: null
    enhprivacy: null
    zigclass: ytchannel

    I have a same problem… any solutions?

    Hi guys,

    I made transition from 1.5.1 to next version 2.1.0 – convert pre-2.0.0 YTC widgets to 2.0.0+ format (so you’ll get all old widgets after re-enable this development version) + fixed playlist parser (dashes ad underscores returned “No Items” because mistake in parser.

    Now, I need beta testers (with a must do database backup). So, if you wish to try this latest beta release, download development version here.

    Thank you,

    ok, for this test i have to revert to 1.5.1 and rebuild widgets and then install this development version?

    No, if you already used 1.5.1 or older version, and you had already defined YTC widgets, you’ll get that widgets back, converted to new version.

    They are just hidden, but still in database.


    yes but, after your first request, i installed the 2.0.0 to give you the debug log.

    Can i install development version over 2.0.0 or you need a test from 1.5.1 to development version?

    You can install development version over 2.0.0 and if you previously used YTC 1.5.1 with widgets, after upgrade to 2.0.0 these widgets are not removed from database, just they become “invisible” to new plugin.

    So, install 2.1.0 over 2.0.0 and you should get back widgets created in 1.5.1 version, in addition to widgets created with 2.0.0 version.

    ok, i did it and old widgets came back and everything is working now 😉

    Great. I’ll publish new version in couple days.


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