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  • Hi Loving the plugin

    Have installed the beta 2.0 and found two issues so far.

    The calendar widget is displaying a /div after the Event title (see

    On the same widget, there is a para break in the Google calendar description before the ‘Book Now’ link, but in the widget it’s not showing up. That seems quite important in terms of readability.

    This site has not gone live to punters yet, although is live on the net, which is why I’m using the beta test version. Hoping you’ll publish before I go live in a couple of weeks!

    Me again. Apologies for the feedback above, both of which were my own errors! All seems to be working fine.


    After installing the 2.0 beta version, i have few issues (thay may be my fault, i don’t know).

    With the 0.73 version, i can display the event details on the top of the calendar in my WP page, and when i hover with the pointer an event in the cal, it opens a popup window with some details of the event. Now with the 2.0 version i can display the calendar, but i cannot have this features, the event details on the top are missed and the same for the popup window. I don’t know what to do to obtain this.

    There is another problem, present also in the 0.73 version: when i use the “month browser” (The small arrows) i can browse in future months (if there are event in future months) but when i click on the previus month arrow it doesn’t work. Can you help me?

    Thank you for your plugin is very useful

    I installed the beta version on my development server. I have 10 calendars and all retained their settings. I did change the shortcode to [gcal].
    The only issue I see is that I also display some calendar feeds in a sidebar widget and one widget on the home page.
    The sidebar widget (Group List) retained the old feed code (e.g., 2,6,9) and I believe it’s looking for the new feed codes (e.g., 6330, 6326, 6328). However, the home page widget converted over to the new feed code 6330.

    It’s easy enough for me to fix, but curious as to why one widget was changed and not the other.

    I’ll look through your website to see if you have examples of your new update.

    I will continue to use your plugin as well as recommend it to others.
    Thank you.

    I am still looking for the calendar to be able to display the grid (calendar) view, and inside the grid view the listed events. Is that possible???

    Plugin Contributor Nick Young



    Please post a link to your site so I can check it out.


    No this is not currently an option available. The calendar only shows the details on hover. It may be a feature we look into in the future though.

    Dear all,
    The feed is to be display in grid/List/listr-grouped, defined in the feed.

    let’s say for instance the feed defined in “list”

    When in a page, you want to show the feed in a “grid” with the command herebelow
    [gcal id=”1818,1819,1820″ max=”20″ display=”grid”]

    I thought the shortcode in the page should be able to force events to be presented in a grid, but it’s sounds not.
    Only way I am thinking to solve this would be to create :
    – one feed as “list”
    – one feed as “grid” with same google url.

    i don’t know if it’s the only way ?


    I have a calendar grid for the actual post, but you do have to hover over the day to see them listed. (Intranet)

    [gcal id=”1, 2, 6″ type=”ajax” title=”Events on”]

    Then under the calendar grid, I have the events listed out so you can see at a quick glance what’s going on by day.

    [gcal id=”1, 2, 6″ type=”list-grouped” title=”” max=”5″]

    Chris A.

    Plugin Contributor Nick Young



    I took a look at your site. It looks like the JavaScript file used for showing the tooltips is getting an error. There are also a couple other JavaScript errors on the page as well. I would try to clean the other ones up and see if that helps. Sometimes JavaScript will break if previous loaded files are throwing errors.

    Hope that can help and if not then please open a new support thread so we can work it out.


    Tried installing the 2.0 beta and it failed. I deactivated .731 first as instructed. is the web site.

    Here’s the install screen content:

    Installing Plugin from uploaded file:
    Unpacking the packageā€¦

    Installing the pluginā€¦

    Destination folder already exists. /hermes/bosnaweb06a/b1070/ipw.novichoralaires/public_html/wp/wp-content/plugins/google-calendar-events/

    Plugin install failed.

    Return to Plugins page

    Ok, I now see the deactivate instruction was in the FTP version of installing 2.0. But I think I tried yesterday to install 2.0 without deactivating and it failed the same way as I recall.

    Just installed the beta. I have an event that spans 3 days. Now in the list view it is showing the event on all 3 days. I think the old version only show the first day in the list.

    How do I get it to only display the day that the event starts?

    Even before I installed the beta the plugin is very new to me. Is there a way to display the event title before the date in the list view?


    I just confirmed. The old version only listed the weekend event once, on the start date. The beta version is showing the weekend event 3 times (friday, saturday and sunday.)

    I old method of just showing the event on the start date is what I would like to accomplish.

    Please let me know if this is possible.


    Plugin Author Phil Derksen


    Thanks to everyone for your feedback. It’s been very helpful during this beta testing phase.

    The 2.0.0 release is very close, and you should see the update even though you’re running a beta version.

    To address specific posts:

    @cmaudano Thanks for letting us know about this bug in the upgrade process for multiple feed IDs in widgets. We corrected it and it should be fixed in the final 2.0.0 release.

    @vincentbray I just tested a feed saved with a “List” default type, but with a widget for the same feed defined as “Grid”, and it works. It may have been corrected since you’ve tested. Can you test again in the final 2.0.0 release?

    @rjbayerl When beta testing you can’t get the updates through your dashboard, and sometimes what you experienced will happen.

    @kokoruz I’m seeing only event for a multi-day event in the final 2.0.0 release. Can you test again once you update?

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