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  • If I could give version 2 of this plugin a zero start rating, I would.

    The first version of this plugin was rock solid. It was so good that you forgot it existed. When version 2 came around, this plugin became a constant nightmare.

    The ability to choose what gets sync’d (such as categories, images, etc.) disappeared. But even worse, we had inventory issues where WooCommerce would not update Square when a sale was made. The only way for it to work was to manually updated the stock. And after about four months of troubleshooting with the developers, they finally told me that WooCommerce will not update Square unless the Square payment gateway was used. We don’t use the Square payment gateway on our WooCommerce site…

    They say they will update it to work in the future, but basically told me not to hold my breath. I’ve since rolled back the plugin to version one.

    I would not recommend using this plugin in it’s current state. If they ever update the plugin to…I don’t know….work, I will update this review. But I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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  • My situation has been so similar, I could have written this myself. Version 1 of the plugin did everything we needed it to do — keep inventory managed in Square. The new version 2 of this plugin not only manages to fail at that (we, too, do not use Square for payments on the website, though I never had any tech support confirm that was the issue, so thank you for that), but it also removed functionality we had previously enjoyed, like being able to manage inventory on some product variations, while other variations were set to virtual with no product management or syncing with Square. We, too, went weeks and round after round with tech support who solved none of our problems and were seemingly indifferent to our plight. We finally had to make the decision to pull the plug on the Square plugin, and now manage inventory management manually, which is a huge pain. I’m beyond upset with this release and the company’s failure to actually address issues that so many people are having.

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