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  • I go to try to create a supposedly “FREE” account on timely from the WordPress Control Panel and I get a CAPTCHA error, even though there is no CAPTCHA on the login page. I have the same problem on the timely site. It DOES let me create an account with my Google login but then there is no way to log in that way from the WordPress Control panel. AND IN ADDITION TO THAT from timely it is trying to get me to pay for an upgraded account even though the site does not need one. I DISLIKE the way this was SPRUNG without warning. Fortunately, I was able to restore the previous version of the plugin 2.5.44 – in order to get access to my customer’s calendar back. This is a MASSIVE FAIL!!! I will NOT BE UPGRADING the calendar app AGAIN until something is done to make it right.

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  • Same issue here. I don’t even get a CAPTCHA error, I’m just unable to either create a new account or log in to my Timely account. The page keeps refreshing every few seconds, leaving me unable to do anything.

    Same here 🙁

    I’ve had to restore the site to a previous version because this last update has removed all my clients calendar data. Not quite sure how such a major update didn’t have some kind of warning.

    Would be really great if someone can explain what’s happening and when a “safe” upgrade will be available.


    What happened with this plugin today? It now requires a “new login” but that doesn’t work. I see the release yesterday and wonder how did they push a new release version… if this plugin company is no longer working on this plugin? I went to their website and clicked on the FB and other social media links and see others commenting on the company no longer supporting this plugin? If that is the case, I just don’t see how they released a new legit version… yikes.

    Something isn’t right here… and I need to find a different Calendar plugin asap to move to.

    Good luck everyone… and if you can, please recommend a good Calendar plugin to replace this with?

    According to the main plugin page on, there are currently 100,000+ active installations of this plugin. Even if the company doesn’t plan to support/develop it any further, surely they’re not going to break it for everyone before they drop it?!

    I’m just about to switch a large site over to use this calendar, but now I think perhaps I’d better resume researching the alternatives. If anyone has suggestions, please let us all know.

    Timely seems to be moving towards only supporting a hosted calendar which can be embedded in WordPress sites, but that won’t work at all for my needs. I need a WP-native calendar so that I can extend the Event post type with custom fields, include events in search results, and so on.

    Alison, have a look at The Events Calendar PRO. I am using it on and I have found their support to be excellent!
    I am using All-in-One Event Calendar by at and updated the plugin to v2.6.0 and then WordPress to v5.3 with no issues.

    Ok, I just figured this out (I think…).

    I did register for the account, by using the “Activate” link under the plugin (in the WP Admin panel). It asked for your Email and Password. This seemed to go no-where and no confirmation email was received so I assumed it didn’t work.

    I just, for fun, went to and was able to login and see my dashboard, so the registration does work fine.

    Then, I went back into WP and clicked the “Activate” again for this plugin and used my Email/Password and it did work to activate the plugin. And, just confirmed the plugin is back working again and all events are there!

    So, looks like this is working but the registration to Activate it just doesn’t look like it is working (but it is).

    Hope this helps… wow, this was scary as I didn’t want to have to recreate all these events today in a new plugin.

    BADLY DONE. Highly unimpressed with this abrupt and coercive transiton. We liked this plugin, but our calendar is confidential, for use on a private, in-house site, and giving off-site accounts access to that data is not an option.

    Plus, what I expected would be a 1-minute update instead turned into an hour trying to retrieve the data that suddenly disappeared, then rolling back to the previous version (which turned out not to be a solution as it still required the creation of an account to work), and ultimately ditching it altogether and having to screen new plugins to find a replacement.

    I had a lot of other deadlines this morning, so I don’t appreciate the added stress. WordPress users aren’t just sitting around with nothing better to do. We are busy people, and if you disrespect our time and freedom of choice, we’ll move on to more user-friendly tools.

    Who’s brain-child was this? I can imagine some marketers we giving high-fives over this idea and celebrating how much money it would bring in…
    If anyone has a recommendation for an alternative calendar (if it can import events, even better!) i’m all ears.

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