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    After updating to version 2.1 my shortcodes like this no longer work:

    [stripe name="xxx" description="xxx" amount="5000" payment_button_label="Buy" billing="true" enable_remember="false"][/stripe]

    It just displays the code, not the button. I downgraded to the previous version and everything is working again.

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  • Plugin Contributor Phil Derksen


    Hi Bryan,

    We are deprecating the old [stripe] shortcode in favor of the payment form designer that has been a part of WP Simple Pay for nearly 2 years.

    However, if you were using your Stripe API keys in the plugin’s “Legacy Settings” and not authorized with Stripe in the non-legacy settings it still should’ve worked until the next release.

    The easiest thing to do at this point is to create your forms using the plugin’s form designer and place the much simpler [simpay] shortcode on the page.

    Please see https://docs.wpsimplepay.com/articles/first-payment-form/


    Hi Phil, thanks for your amazing plugin 🙂 Glad I found this post as I’ve been having the same issue. For now I’ve rolled back so it’s all fine, but I’d like to keep all our plugins up to date for security reasons and peace of mind.

    I would really need to keep using the [stripe] shortcode as I’m generating it dynamically based on the pages’ custom fields content:

    do_shortcode('[stripe name="'. $stripe_name . '" description="'. $stripe_description . '" amount="'. $stripe_amount . '" id="stripe-button"]')

    I wouldn’t know how to go about this if I use the visual editor… Any ideas please?

    Thanks a lot 🙂

    Plugin Contributor Phil Derksen


    @plasmax These docs are for the Pro version but it covers what you need in terms of setting up the Lite version in the way you described.


    @pderksen thanks for your prompt reply, however I’m afraid this is not helping solving the problem. I would need to grab the values from custom fields created with ACF. We have several pages using the same page template, but for every page the value of the custom fields changes and we create new ones on a daily basis.
    By following the way the plugin is structured now, the site manager would have to create a new form for every page, and add the shortcode to the page’s content. It’s a cumbersome and messy process compared to the current one. This would mean a huge refactoring of our code and it’s quite inconvenient that the [stripe] shortcode has been removed 🙁
    Guess we’ll stick to the older version.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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