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  • Resolved DZaidle


    Version 1.9 simply does not block spam.

    When I saw that an update was available, I was reticent to download it based on the broken functionality of previous “updates.”

    But, I took a chance and tried it.

    And it DID NOT WORK, as I suspected.

    Within 24 hours the blog on which I installed v1.9 was getting spam comments, whereas with the old “copy and paste anti-spam password” versions the blog got zero spam.

    Needless to say, I reverted to the previous version and am staying with it on all other blogs that I administer.


    I do not know what the author is trying to accomplish, but it isn’t working.

    The older versions worked just fine. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

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  • Plugin Author Todd Lahman


    1.9 offers both the old and a new spam blocking method as separate options, so claiming this new version doesn’t work, and at the same time claiming the old version still does, is a contradiction. This might be news to you, but sometimes plugins require you to choose a few configuration options to make it work for your blog environment.

    If you had taken the time to ask for support on the official forum, your issue could have been resolved by checking a couple of options.

    I suggest you read this if you want to give 1.9 another try, or ask me for help on the official support forum. The plugin works, you just need a little help.

    Hi Todd, you say that 1.9 still offers the copy/paste method of blocking spam but I can’t find it anywhere in Settings, or anywhere else. Since I updated to 1.9 there is no copy/paste hurdle to get over, and I can even post a test Comment without even submitting an email address, just a first name is enough.

    I checked out your link above to Troubleshooting, but couldn’t see how to get the copy/psste option back there either.

    The site is

    Some help would be great. Thanks.

    Try to use Anti-spam plugin. It blocks spam automatically and without captcha.

    Plugin Author Todd Lahman


    Hi carolm,

    Both the old non-JavaScript, and the new JavaScript methods of blocking spam built into the plugin work in the background, so there is no longer a password field that shows up on the comment form. I checked your blog, and it is using the more secure JavaScript method of blocking spam.

    For future support requests please obtain your free license key, login, and use the support forums at:

    Thanks for checking it out, Todd. I must admit, that even though you say it is working in the background, I feel safer if i can see the copy/paste option when I write a test Comment. But, if you say it is working ok, then I will trust you.

    I did go to your Support Forum – the text there was so pale, plus the Private Forum Title at the top, it made me think I didn’t have access there, even though I was logged in.

    In fact, I now see that I did have access there, after all, and access was not ‘greyed out’. So sorry I didn’t post my question over there.

    Thanks again.

    Unfortunately I have to agree with DZaidle, upon upgrading this morning I was immediately flooded with SPAM comments. Tried all of the settings, so that wasn’t the issue. Tried it on a couple of different servers just to make sure it wasn’t a setting there causing it. When I reverted back to the previous version, the SPAM was once again blocked. Not sure why the change was made, but the cut/paste method seems to be the only 100% guaranteed way to keep them out. Great mod, couldn’t live without it, but need to be very careful when messing with a great thing!

    I do not understand how this can be marked “resolved” when it clearly hasn’t.

    I thought I had posted a comment here a couple of hours ago but it’s not here now….so I’ll say it again.

    This upgraded version of the Plugin DOES work. I’ve been checking my Spam Free Stats and this plugin is still blocking the Evil Spam Doers at the front door. The numbers blocked are still going up, and I have not been hit with a flood of Spam Comments either.

    That is my experience anyway. I wrote a couple of articles about how I set up my Comments Settings and Plugin Settings to encourage Comments but block spammers here:

    How To Customize Your Comments Discussion Settings & Anti Spam Plugins

    Thanks Todd.

    Todd, the update is Nt working for me either. The site is:

    If you see anthing thing wrong with the site please let me know. Is the prior version of the plug-in available. I never had a problem with it.


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