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  • Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    As already mentioned in previous exchanges here, I’ve started working on 1.7.0. This is on the feature-list:

    • update css & js optimization components to most recent versions
    • add css exclusion
    • remove legacy cdn & yui support, replacing CDN with something simpler
    • better lay out of the admin-page
    • update translations
    • clear cache of w3tc, hypercache, fast cache, faster cache, …

    Goal is to release a first test-version in October (maybe next week) and to push the final version out in November.

    So why do I need help?

    1. For testing the subsequent test-releases (based on trunk)
    2. To provide translations (based on a POT-file, using a gettext-compatible tool).

    If you’re interested to help out (or if you’d like to join the actual development), give us a shout-out in the reply-box! Looking forward to working with you! 🙂

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  • I could do the German translation file.

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Wow, I’m overwhelmed by all the reactions 😉

    Anyway; there’s one extra feature that I’ve got working on my dev-machine. This might be big, in the newer Google Pagespeed directives.

    I am in i will be the super beta tested 🙂

    I’d be interested in helping you test this. I’ve been thinking of moving to some way of doing these optimizations for my WordPress installs, so this plugin sounds like it would fit the bill.

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens



    srarden; do you already have the current version (1.6.6) of autoptimize installed? if not, it might be easier to get to know it before testing the new version.

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    ok, the first shot at 1.7.0 is on trunk in svn and the zip-file can be downloaded here.

    for the candidate-translators, the pot-file is here.

    looking forward to feedback, bug-reports & translations guys! 🙂

    @futta i am impressed the way that the site is loading now is looking nice it no longer wonky 🙂

    I have also ran it trough

    js i just need to get this to run faster .. any ideas it takes about 1180ms to run or the report is just honky

    Thank you again for a super plunging

    PS Running Version 1.7.0 🙂

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    Well, the aggregated js-file is 157.3 KB, so that is bound to take more then a couple of ms, no? 😉

    But putting it on a CDN might allow you to improve (as CDN’s are bound to be closer to the visitor, even it is just a webpagetest-browser).


    After tweaking all my images and running them trough

    And some more tweaking now it seems to rock 🙂

    But you idea of the CDN is super but at $40 i think i will give it a skip

    Any way as always a great plugin as the new version just seems to work point 🙂

    Thank you Kindly

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    well, maxcdn (which I use) is not too expensive for the starter plan ( $72.00 for the first year).

    regarding; just install and you don’t have to worry about that any more 🙂

    Testing 1.7.0 and working on Swedish translation.

    A small question of semantics:
    The last option in the advanced options section is “Do not compress cache files” and the accompanying text says “Enable this if you want to compress the served files using your webserver.” As the labels for your other checkboxes are framed as questions, i.e. “Optimize HTML Code?”, “Keep HTML comments?”, etc, I find that option a bit confusing – Do I or do I not compress the files if i tick the box? The label and the description seem to be saying opposite things.

    I have mine on


    CSS 339ms
    JS 882

    It was

    CSS 339ms
    JS 1201ms

    So over all just by turning it on it help big time 🙂


    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    You’re right p33t3r! Actually this was one of the functionalities I hadn’t looked into yet (the original plugin wasn’t developed by me). The correct labels should be;

    Save aggregated script/css as static files?


    Enable this if your webserver can handle the compression and expiry.

    Enabling the option has Autoptimize create static js/ css-files, which, if your webserver is configured properly, will be more performant than leaving the default option (which has Autoptimize create php-files that need to be executed first).

    I’ll update the POT-file and add some info in the FAQ, thanks to both of you!

    Plugin Author Frank Goossens


    to keep you guys in the loop, the following has been updated/ fixed over the last couple of days on trunk:

    • CDN now takes into account CSS background image urls
    • fix for BOM marker in CSS-files
    • fix for protocol-less 3rd party scripts disappearing
    • fix for stylesheets without type=”text/css” not being autoptimized
    • added Dutch, Persian and Swedish translation (sorry p33t3r, didn’t realize there were 2 people working on this)

    I’ll test on WordPress 3.7 beta 2 today, after that I think the only thing stopping us from pushing this out are some more translations. Any takers? BeautyPirate for German?

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