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  • I just updated the Boot Store them and now the page text is overlapping on the carousel. The text appears twice, on the page below the carousel and on the page.

    Please give me a fix ASAP.


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  • I had the same problem. Here is the solution (that worked for me):

    my website, to try it out:


    The problem still remains. The text from the page is overlapping the carousel images and I do not want the text there.

    I had the problem that the frontpage text was shown in all the caroussel pages. That is solved by putting the text as exerpt in the caroussel pages… Too bad it does not solve your problem. Can’t help you any further. Maybe you can help me out on this: how can I get a caroussel in other pages then my frontpage?? Can’t find the answer on the web.

    From reading, it seems that now the carousel displays texts from posts but mine is displaying text from the home page.

    Can I customize it to not display the text from the home page?

    sorry absolutelyliterate, but THAT was just what happened to me (before) and THAT was solved in mycase by following the steps I described before…

    Your fix isn’t working for me either. I click the Excerpt Box, the carousel rotates through my post TITLES, but the text from the post remains the same – the last, most recent post…

    Hello Audio Digital, too bad…. it is not MY fix by the way… I found it in this forum. And it worked for me. Sorry that I cannot help you any further. I am a newbie myself.

    Hi Staalkop, visited your website, btw, very nice. I love what you have done with the theme and it seems you have solved many of the problems I am having, so I am feeling hopeful.

    How exactly did you get rid of the ability to post a comment? I cannot seem to get rid of the “Leave a Reply” fields on the page. Any help there?

    To remove the ability to post comments for the whole site, go to Settings > Discussion.

    For individual pages go to the top of the page and open Screen Options

    Theme Author sur


    All fixed in 1.6.1?

    Best Regards

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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