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Dinky Theme Version 1.3.1

  • Theme Author Misam Saki


    List of changes in this version:

    01. Removed “With Cover” and “With Cover – No Sidebar” page templates. (there ware useless)
    02. Added “No Sidebar – Full Main” page template.
    03. Fixed “Full Main” option.
    04. Fixed display code of “Under Content” and “Up Main” widget areas in page source with empty content.
    05. Corrected multi language typography.
    06. Corrected form items style.
    07. Changed “toTop” id from #top to #wrapper.
    08. Fixed comment form style.
    09. Fixed “#main .navigation” style.
    10. Fixed input style.
    11. Fixed “margin-top” for Social Icons.
    12. Fixed “padding” for widget content.

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  • I was wondering how to change the font color from the menu bar.

    Also, how to change the color of the social icons.


    Theme Author Misam Saki


    To lynchie89
    You must open new topic for this question, however in next versions you can change these in theme option but now you must go to “css” directory and open “style.css” file. In this file, find “#main-navigation” and “#social” blocks then add “color: #COLOR_HEX_CODE” to each block.

    I still can’t get the menu font to change color.
    The social icons worked.

    Theme Author Misam Saki


    Sorry. Those are links and you must change color item in these blocks: “#social ul li a” , “#mobile-navigation ul li a”. And for hovers

    still not working.

    Theme Author Misam Saki


    To lynchie89
    Sorry I made mistake in last reply. I must say “#main-navigation ul li a” instead “#mobile-navigation ul li a”
    Add this block to style

    #main-navigation ul li a {
    color: #000;

    thanks! 🙂

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