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    Hey Conualfy, we just pushed out an update that may fix some of these issues. Can you please update and let us know if you’re still seeing the problems? Can you also send us a link to the site you have Flare deployed on so we can get more insight into what is happening? Thanks!

    I just upgraded and deleted cache (both for local browser and wp-super-cache). The bug is still here. I tried both Firefox and Chrome (Ubuntu Linux).

    You can test it on this address:

    Hi DT… Seems to work on my blog (example post :

    I do have issues with the top / bottom horizontal buttons
    they don’t seem to work in any case… very buggy.

    @bakbek I do not see Flare running on your site.

    It is. The URL was wrong

    See this

    Plugin Author telepathy


    Hey guys, looks like Facebook changed the API query that we were using to not include the count. We’ve made an adjustment to use the current, non-deprecated stat query method and pushed out an update as version 1.1.9a of Flare

    Sorry, I cannot see it working. Use this page for debugging>

    I just updated to 1.1.9a (and deleted my cache) and the number of Facebook likes still isn’t showing up in the Flare bar on my site either. Here’s an example:

    I could see there is a very simple way to get the number of likes, by extracting it from an url like this one:, where PAGE_OR_APP_ID is the encoded url of the site page:


    The response looks like this and shares gets the likes count:

       "id": "",
       "shares": 34

    Mine started to work, I guess there still was some cached file somewhere.

    @kiersten_ can you also please check to see it is not some coincidence? Thanks!

    The only problem I see now is that on my theme ( the top and bottom of post flare shows the like/+1/tweet count+action div behind some other content, but it could be because of the theme, didn’t check with some other theme.

    Facebook counts were not working for me. I made some changes to the file “/models/button.php”, including making the count the “total_count”.

    Here is the new “function get_count_facebook” starting on line 457:

    function get_count_facebook( $vars ) {
    $url = $vars[0];
    $count = 0;
    $cache_key = $this->namespace . ‘-facebook-fql-‘ . md5( $url );

    $response = get_transient( $cache_key );

    if( !$response ) {
    $fql = “,%20normalized_url,%20share_count,%20like_count,%20comment_count,%20total_count,%20commentsbox_count,%20comments_fbid,%20click_count%20FROM%20link_stat%20WHERE%20url=’$url'”;
    $response = file_get_contents($fql);

    if( !is_wp_error( $response ) ) {
    set_transient( $cache_key, $response, FLARE_STATS_CACHE_LENGTH );

    if( !is_wp_error( $response ) ) {
    $response_json = json_decode($response);

    if( isset( $response_json->data[0]->total_count ) ) {
    $count = $response_json->data[0]->total_count;

    return $count;

    Still not working, the solution of mflearn didn’t solve it on my website.


    Just started to work, but I need to reload the page for some reason (and I have clear the cache). Every post need to be reloaded for appearing the facebook likes, it’s weird but it works with mflearn’s code.

    The Crazy Travel. What do you mean that every page needs to be reloaded? I got it to work with this code on one page, but now it doesn’t work on any others. I have reloaded, and cleared the cache several times. Does it just take time for it to work on all pages? Thanks!



    I am also still experiencing this issue 🙁 I have updated to latest version and DO NOT use a caching system.

    sample post:

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