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    Hi, since I updated to 1.5.0 my previous short codes are no longer working, I rolled back to 1.4.0 and they all work again, any ideas on how to address this? I extract the Longitutde and latitude from an ACF date field to input it into this shortcode. The longitude and latitude are a string of digits to three decimal places per your instructions. Also, if anyone needs it, below is the snippet on how to extract the info from an ACF address field.

    $location = get_field('project_address');
    if( $location ): 
     $lat= esc_attr($location['lat']); 
    $lng= esc_attr($location['lng']); 
    $lat_short= number_format(floor($lat*1000)/1000, 3);
    $lng_short= number_format(floor($lng*1000)/1000, 3);
    if (empty($location)) {
    echo 'No Weather';
    else {echo do_shortcode('[ventus width="100%" height="350px" radius="20px" loading="lazy" lat="'.$lat_short.'" lon="'.$lng_short.'" zoom="4" layer="clouds" scale="F" units="mph" pressure="true"  marker="true" forecast="true" time="now"]');}

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    Hi webb64b, sorry to hear of this issue. I might need to set up ACF on a test site to replicate this issue so as to get to the bottom of it. Can you send me a link to one of the affected pages?

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    I have confirmed the forecast is correct, and the location on the map is correct, but for some reason it starts out zoomed in not at the location but in a random location and if you zoom out you can see where the location is on the map. I am going to play with the zoom a little bit and see if that helps. Is it possible to turn the map portion off? I really only need the forecast portion.

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    Hi @webb64b, it isn’t possible to display just the forecast, and the zoom issue is a known bug with the windy forecast. I’ve reported this to the windy developers. I hope they address this soon.

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